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How to get the Czech ETIAS for citizens of Guatemala

iVisa | Updated on Nov 01, 2022

The Czech Republic offers its visitors, such as citizens of Guatemala, a variety of attractions from fairytale towns and bohemian castles to healing minerals springs. To those in search of local traditions, you definitely need to try a glass of Pilsner, which is still one of the leading beers in the country. A visit to the Pilsner Urquell brewery in the city of Plzen could be part of your trip if you’d like to try their traditional and new varieties. Czechia also has about 19 thousand hectares of vineyards, so some Moravia wine wouldn’t be a bad idea for any traveler.

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If you want to feel more at home while discovering this new destination, you might want to learn some Czech, like the basic “Hello” which is “Dobrý Den” or an always useful “Thank You” that is said “Děkuji”. But don’t stress too much; you’ll hear a lot of Czech words, and maybe some German, but English is a very global language in Czechia.

Trying their great local food and beverages and learning the language is one of the benefits citizens of Guatemala have by being part of the Schengen visa-exempt program. But in the near future, those that travel towards the Czech Republic will need an ETIAS travel authorization to enter the Schengen region. It’s a new and fast screening system for travelers to improve border security.

The info below will help you understand the Czech ETIAS process for citizens of Guatemala, and tips on how the iVisa.com platform can help with your ETIAS application.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the Czech ETIAS?

The primary purpose of the Czech ETIAS is to prescreen and have some control over the information of all the incoming travelers to the Schengen states. The ETIAS application process will be required for all foreign nationals from Schengen visa-exempt countries and looking to visit the territory for a short visit. It will help reduce illegal immigration and terrorism in the Schengen region.

Are all citizens from Guatemala required an ETIAS?

All travelers that visit the Czech Republic and arrive with a national document from any of the Schengen visa-exempt countries must request an ETIAS before arriving. This travel documentation will be needed by each traveler, no matter their age. Although there are no official prices, the fee may change for visitors under the age of 18, and those over 70.

Is the Czech ETIAS also for students?

The Czech ETIAS requirement is only for visitors entering the Czech Republic or other Schengen countries on the condition of tourism or business. The visit must be for a short period of no more than 90 days. If you wish to go to Czechia to study, you will need to apply for a student visa.

Which is the Czech ETIAS total validity for citizens of Guatemala?

Although there aren’t any written statements about the exact procedure, the total validity of the ETIAS is solely based on the information provided on the ETIAS application form. The results are not only related to the nationality of the applicant.

The final validity can be for the total time of your travels or up to 3 years. During this time, you must consider that your stay in any Schengen country can’t be more than 90 days every 180 days.

Do I need many documents to apply for the Czech ETIAS?

To fill out the ETIAS application form, you will only be requested necessary information about your travels and your contact details. The main documents you will need to apply are:

  • Your valid biometric passport, it will be used to fill out the form, and possibly need to attach a scanned copy of it for the application.
  • Current email address, it’s needed to contact the applicant in case of any additional piece of information and update him about the ETIAS results.
  • Payment method, because it’s a digital document, you can pay for the fee online with a PayPal account or a credit/debit card.

For how long can I go across Europe with a Czech ETIAS?

While having an approved Czech ETIAS document, you can journey between any of the Schengen countries, wherever they may be. The authorization allows you to travel across the states with multiple entries pass for about 90 days every 180 days. Although 90 days is the limit, this could be shorter, based on the validity you were given on your results notification.

Is getting the Czech ETIAS a fast process?

While applying for the Czech ETIAS is a relatively fast process, there can still be some difficulties on the way. By using the iVisa.com services, you ensure that your information is quickly delivered to be analyzed, and you can also request a specific upgrade to the processing speed.

These are the three current options that iVisa.com has as processing times:

  • Standard processing time: it’s the least expensive option, but you are required to wait a reasonable time for the results.
  • Rush processing time: is a faster option to get your results delivered, but it means a higher price for service.
  • Super rush processing time: is the fastest procedure that might also more expensive compared to previous ones.

Which are the ETIAS application requirements for citizens of Guatemala?

The ETIAS application process can be done through the official government website or a more accessible and more straightforward version through the iVisa.com website.

Another benefit of using iVisa.com is that you can set a specific processing speed with which you want your application to work with.

  • Start by completing the online form with your personal details and determine a processing speed for your application form.
  • Continue the process by reviewing the data given above and ensure that the details are correct. Followed by the online payment for the service.
  • Finish the process by uploading any copy of documents requested at the beginning of the application and submitting your form.

How safe is my info on the iVisa.com website?

The digital platform iVisa.com provides its users with an easy and accessible way of applying for the Czech ETIAS. Their services include the reliable security software that protects the website and databases, including each piece of information given by the users throughout their application process.

Here are some reviews from our past clients about our services.

Is there more info on Czech ETIAS I can read?

If the information shared above about the Czech ETIAS for citizens of Guatemala still left you with questions, we ask that you contact us via email or chat message to address these. You can also consider browsing the iVisa.com website for tips and tricks to get your application done in no time.

Start planning your future trip to the Czech Republic now and anticipate the data you will need to apply for ETIAS.

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