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Egypt Visa Application Form

Egypt Visa Application Form
iVisa | Updated on Mar 07, 2019

One of the things people hate the most are forms. They are usually ambiguous, demand a lot of information that you may not know the meaning of, and if there is nobody around to help you with it, you may be tempted to just quit. A visa application form is just as tricky, not mentioning the hassle, but not if you go to the right place.

Going to Egypt implies a visa application form, but in case you are lucky and your nationality qualifies for an electronic visa (or e-Visa), you can apply online using the services provided by iVisa. They too have a form that you need to fill in, but unlike other services (like the one provided by embassies) you will be done with it in 10 minutes or less.

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Unlike regular visas, electronic Visas (or e-Visas) are easier to issue and take less time to process. You can issue an e-Visa from the comfort of your office or home and have your e-Visa ready in a matter of hours. Getting an electronic visa for Egypt is very simple and 100% online, especially if you are an Indian citizen.

The e-Visa application form is broken down into three stages. The first step is to complete your personal information (name, address, passport information, and so on). At this stage, you are also required to select a processing time. It will establish two things: the timeframe within which your Egypt visa application will be processed, and the cost of the document. You have three options, and each of them is meant to satisfy different needs:

1. Standard processing – when you select this option, you Egypt e-visa will arrive via e-mail within 5 business days. This is the cheapest processing time you have at hand. It costs only $25. This is the price of the visa itself plus the service fee that goes to iVisa.

2. Rush processing time – this option will shorten the application processing time by one day. Your application will be processed within 4 business days. However, that one day costs you an extra $30, which means that you will be charged $55 in total. The visa fee is the same, is the service fee that gets higher.

3. Super Rush processing time – if you have an emergency and need to be on a plane to Egypt as fast as possible, this option will help you out. Your application will be processed within 3 business days. As you may have guessed, the price goes higher as well. You will be charged $90 for the urgency.

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You can also choose which kind of visa you want. You can choose a single-entry visa or a multiple-entry visa.. The prices for the single entry are mentioned above, but if you want a multiple-entry Egypt e-visa the price goes up $35 for each processing time.

Step number two of the application process consists of revision and payment. You need to double-check the spelling because it is crucial for your information to be accurate. As for the payment, you can do it using a credit or a debit card. Since many people have a Paypal account these days, iVisa also accepts it as a mean of payment.

The last step will ask you to answer a set of personal questions. It should not take more than 5 minutes to complete. You are also required to upload additional documents, and they depend on the situation. After you are done, you can submit your application and then wait.

As you can see, the Egypt visa application form is simple. It should take about 20 minutes to complete, and if you need help, iVisa has an excellent support service that is available 24/7. Give them a call, and someone will help you every step of the way.

How does an Egypt visa look like?

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