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Eritrea is a small country in East Africa, bordered by the Red Sea. Tourists find this nation an excellent destination due to its perfect climate and stellar beaches. In fact, beaches are the main tourist attractions in Eritrea. Other than that, we recommend you check out the region around the city of Asmara for some sight-seeing: the scenery is terrific, and you can take some really lovely photos. The city-center of Asmara itself has some attractions such as old churches, an opera, and a theatre house - make sure to visit the Fiat Tagliero! It is an Italian Futurist work of architecture unlike anything you've ever seen.

Apart from planning an itinerary for Eritrea, you should make inquiries about the visa policy. You may or may not need a visa to cross Eritrea’s borders. In fact, chances are that you do need to apply for a visa since only the citizens of Uganda and Sudan don't need a visa, but note than Ugandan citizens can enter Eritrea without a visa, while the nationals of Sudan can obtain a visa on arrival once they land in Eritrea. All the other nationalities in the world must pay a visit to the nearest embassy of Eritrea and submit a visa application in-person.

While it is pretty clear that almost all travelers need a visa to enter Eritrea, but we recommend you still use our Visa Checker Tool to locate the nearest embassies of Eritrea in your home country. All you must do is select your nationality from the drag-down menu and put Eritrea as your destination. The page will display a list of embassies, as well as their contact information.

Unfortunately, iVisa does not process visa application for Eritrea, and the chances of that happening depend solely on the current Eritrean regime. Nonetheless, we like to be helpful in any way we can - this is why we offer a free 24/7 support service where you can ask any questions you may have regarding visas.

Since you must pay a visit to the nearest diplomatic mission of Eritrea to apply for a visa, you must do further research on the specific requirements. You can read about them online, but we recommend you to call the diplomatic mission or embassy itself since they are always the most legitimate source of information. Other websites are not always up-to-date, and that can lead to critical mistakes. Just give the embassy a call or email, and you will find out more. Even so, what we can tell you is that you need a passport that is valid for at least 6 months beyond your intended date of arrival in Eritrea. For further information, contact the nearest Embassy of Eritrea.

We may not be able to help you with the Eritrea visa application process itself, but we hope that the information above is helpful. If the government of Eritrea decides to adopt the electronic visa system, we will be able to process your visa application safely and quickly.

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