Estonia Schengen Visa for Citizens of Haiti

Estonia Schengen Visa for Citizens of Haiti

iVisa | Updated on Nov 14, 2021

A lot of Haitians are very interested in going to Estonia and other member states of the Schengen Area, so they naturally want to know more information about how to get there. Getting an Estonia Schengen visa for citizens of Haiti can be tricky since there are a lot of Schengen visas available. The key is to know which type of Schengen visa you should apply for so you should know some basic facts about this travel authorization.

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The Estonia Schengen visa is a travel document that lets travelers get into Estonia or another Schengen country’s territory or transit through their airports. In this regard, it facilitates the movement of travelers through the Schengen Zone, making it more convenient for eligible people to travel through the entire zone, no matter if they are part of the European Union or the European Free Trade Agreement. This is the reason why it is essential for Haitians to obtain an Estonia Schengen visa for citizens of Haiti.

The Uniform Schengen visa (USV) can best be defined as an authorization that lets its holder to transit through or enter the territory of the countries that are members of the Schengen Agreement. Transit visas will let travelers go through the international zones in seaports and airports while others will allow the holder to stay within the Area.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Category A and Category C visas?

Category A and Category C are the two main classes of the Uniform Schengen visa. Airport transit visas are also known as Category A visas, and they only permit the traveler to access the international zone in a Schengen airport and nothing more. Visas that can let the holder reside within the territories of member countries but many are limited by the number of entries they are valid for. The maximum duration of residence for the Category C visas is 90 days within a 6-month period from the date of arrival.

How many times can you enter Estonia with the Schengen visa?

That depends on the kind of Estonia Schengen visa for citizens of Haiti that you obtained. Category A visas will technically not let the traveler enter the country itself. Category C visas can let you enter once, twice, or multiple times, depending on the type of visa. Single-entry and double-entry visas are valid for one to two entries only. You need to have previously received one of the two visas for you to be eligible for the multiple-entry visa.

How many years will the Category C visas be valid for?

Single- and double-entry Estonia Schengen visas for citizens of Haiti can be valid for 6 months to a year. However, if you have used up the allowed number of entries, the visa automatically expires. Multiple-entry visas have longer validity periods. There are 1-year MEV, 3-year MEV, and 5-year MEV variants. Even though they have different validity periods, they can only let the holder reside inside the Schengen Area for no more than 90 days in a period of 180 days.

How can you apply for the Schengen visa easily?

For worry-free and convenient applications for the Estonia Schengen visa for citizens of Haiti, your best bet is to use services. The platform is completely digital and the application form is easy to fill in. Plus, you don’t have to go away from the comfort of your own home to obtain the visa. We will deal with the embassy so you don’t have to.

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