Quick Facts about the Estonia Schengen Visa

Quick Facts about the Estonia Schengen Visa

iVisa | Updated on May 14, 2021

There are a lot of travelers who would like to go to Schengen Area member states like Estonia. However, they lack information about documents like the Estonia Schengen visa as well as the Estonia Schengen visa price. In order to successfully apply for this essential travel document, eligible travelers need to know several basic but important things about the Schengen visa. This article has the details so keep on reading and find out what these are.

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The Estonia Schengen visa, like all other Schengen visas, is a document that all travelers who want to enter Estonia (or other member states of the Schengen Zone) must-have since it makes traveling to and entering the other member states very easy and convenient. The visa is valid for Schengen member states that are also members of the EFTA as well as the European Union, so the Estonia Schengen visa price is a small fee to pay for the convenience of being able to stay in Estonia or even neighboring Schengen states.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell me about the Uniform Schengen Visa?

The USV or Uniform Schengen visa is a document that can let its holder transit through or stay within the territory of the host country for a set period of time. The traveler’s stay must not exceed 90 days in total within a period of 180 days or approximately six months. This duration is counted from the date that the traveler entered the host country.

What are the main classifications for the Uniform Schengen Visa?

The USV is classified into two main types. The first is Category A which, in essence, is simply an airport transit visa. It allows the traveler to enter the international zone in any airport in Estonia or other Schengen countries, but will not let the traveler inside the Schengen Area itself. The Category C visa is short-term visas which can let the visitor inside the Schengen Area for a maximum of 90 days within 6 months.

How many kinds of Category C Schengen visas are there?

Category C visas are classified according to the number of entries to the host country the document is valid for. There are single-entry visas which allow for one entry. If the traveler exits the Schengen Area, he will not be allowed to return without another authorization. The double-entry visa allows for two entries into the Schengen Area but will expire after the second exit. The multiple-entry visa typically has a validity period of years and allows the holder to enter and exit as many times as he likes as long he follows the 90/180 rule.

How much is an Estonia Schengen visa?

The Estonia Schengen visa price depends on the type of visa the traveler is applying for as well as the age of the traveler. For most eligible adults, the Schengen visa costs around €80.00 or about $90.00, while visas for children between 6-12 years old cost €40.00 or $45.00. Children below six years old will not need to pay for the visa, as well as those who hold diplomatic or service passports. If a traveler is a family member of an EU citizen, students, and teachers on a school trip, or traveling researchers on a scientific project, they will not be charged for the visa as well.

What is the best platform to use for an Estonia Schengen visa application?

Schengen visa applications are easy and simple with iVisa.com. The application form is completely digital and visa experts are on hand to make sure that the application is approved. This means that you don’t have to deal with the embassy since we do it for you.

How can I reach you if I have any concerns?

There is a chat feature on iVisa.com and that is the quickest way to contact us and let us resolve your concerns. If you prefer, the other option is to send an email to help@ivisa.com.