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Ethiopian Visa for Vietnamese Citizens

Ethiopian Visa for Vietnamese Citizens
iVisa | Updated on Jun 05, 2019

If you plan on visiting Ethiopia or any other country, you must conduct your research and gather all of the necessary information to ensure that your eligible to visit the country of your choice. As of 2017, the Ethiopian Department of Immigration and National Affairs (EDINA) launched the Ethiopian Electronic Visa (eVisa). The Ethiopian electronic visa is now available to all nationalities. Vietnamese Nationals wanting to visit Ethiopia must apply for a e-Visa prior to visiting Ethiopia, and they can do so with iVisa.

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What is the Ethiopian Electronic Visa (eVisa)

The electronic tourist visa is an official document issued by the Ethiopian government that allows individuals to visit family/friends in Ethiopia or come to the country for tourism purposes. The eVisa eliminates the need for visitors to go to the embassy or consulate or que at the border control upon arrival in Ethiopia. Applicants can now fill out the application, submit all of the necessary and required information and documents, and pay the eVisa fees online all at once through a simple process.

The eVisa is a single entry visa that comes in two options for either 30 or 90 days. Typically, applications for the electronic visa take about 24 hours if there are no discrepancies or any missing information. However, the process can take up to 3 days, and once approved the eVisa(s) is issued to the applicants provided email.

The Process

Step 1: Required Documents

  1. An original signed copy of your Vietnamese passport containing two blank pages with at least 6 months validity from the date of entry into Ethiopia.
  2. A copy of the first page of your Vietnamese passport containing your bio, or any other valid nationality passport accompanied with a Vietnamese residence permit.
  3. A recent digital passport-sized photo.
  4. A credit or debit card for the online payment. Most major credit cards are accepted (Visa, Master Card, American Express, etc.).

Step 2: How to apply?

Vietnamese Nationals can now go to iVisa’s online electronic portal, which is available 24/7, 365 days a year, and apply for an eVisa. The application takes a matter of minutes and involves a series of questions about the applicant’s biography, intent for travel, travel plans, health information, as well as other formalities.

Important Information to Know!

  1. The visa application process typically takes 1 business day; however, in the event of any delays, it can take up to 3 business days. It is, therefore, strongly advised that individuals allow a minimum of three days prior to their departure for Ethiopia.
  2. The Electronic Visa’s validity begins upon entrance into Ethiopia and NOT from the date of issue.
  3. The Visa is ONLY valid for visiting family and friends visit and/or for tourism purposes. Strictly, NO employment is permitted.
  4. In addition, the e-Visa is ONLY valid if the first port of entry is the designated Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. Any other port of entry is considered invalid and, as a result, renders the visa invalid.
  5. Holders of Vietnamese permanent residence are obligated to upload their permanent resident permit/documentation onto the online portal during application.
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