Know More about France ETIAS for Citizens of Seychelles

Know More about France ETIAS for Citizens of Seychelles

iVisa | Updated on Jun 02, 2022

Visa-free entry into the Schengen countries is not exclusive to citizens of European Union (EU) nations. There are 62 countries that, although not in the EU, are enjoying visa-free privileges for their citizens. They don’t need to have a visa, although they will need something else in lieu of the visa come 2022.

In terms of visa exemptions for these travelers, one of the only ways that they can enter Schengen countries without a visa is when they visit citing business or travel as their purpose. Also, the duration of their visit must not be more than 90 days. If they are entering the Schengen Area to study or to work, they will be denied entry.

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The EU has recently insisted on improvements in the way their member countries handle entrants to their borders. This request was the result of an increase in terrorist-related activities, migration issues, and other security concerns. This led the EU to declare that its long and short-term goal is to make visiting EU countries safe for all travelers.

To handle all these issues, as well as facilitate processing and decreasing the waiting time for approval of applications, the European Commission conceived the France ETIAS. Continue reading this article to get information about this exciting new system that will be deployed in 2022.


What is the ETIAS?

The acronym ETIAS stands for European Travel Information and Authorization System, a program designed to monitor the comings and goings of visitors from the relevant visa-free countries. The function of the France ETIAS is similar to how the US ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) works. However, the ETIAS is not yet operational but will be going live by 2022.

Under the system’s protocols, each applicant will be subject to intense scrutiny. The goal is to find out if they can be authorized to enter the Schengen Area. A visa will not be required for them to enter but the ETIAS is going to make sure that those who do get in are not security threats.

The methodology includes advanced data-gathering techniques and tools, as well as a system to analyze the data and decide on the applicant’s risk factor. The system will update the information constantly so that it stays on top of everything.

Besides business and travel, Schengen visa-exempt travelers can also use the France ETIAS authorization if they want to go to the Schengen countries for medical purposes or just to transit through. They may be mandated to present a Health Declaration Form so it’s better to apply for one.

Why does the Schengen Area needs the ETIAS?

This article explains that the primary reason for the launching of the ETIAS is to reduce the security risks that EU countries face. This is why Jean-Claude Juncker, as the President of the European Commission, said that “We need to know who is crossing our borders. This way we will know who is traveling to Europe before they even get here.”

There has been a marked rise in the total number of terrorist activities in the past few decades. Terrorist attacks seen in Europe have also been launched on a bigger scale. The European Union has a great desire to make traveling and visiting a safe and enjoyable experience for tourists and travelers which is why o they made the blueprint for the ETIAS to reduce these security risks to a large extent.

The information gathered about the applicant will help to identify if the applicant is a security threat or not. If they are, then the application will be tagged as high-risk and the traveler will be refused entry. The EU intends to nip the problem in the bud before it gets out of hand.

The system is also intended to reduce the time it takes to apply, as well as to lower the cases of illegal immigration by improving border control.

What are the countries that need to apply for the ETIAS?

As stated earlier, there are 62 countries whose citizens are allowed to visit the Schengen area without a visa. However, in the future, the ETIAS authorization will replace the visa as a travel document for these countries. Here are the countries that will need the ETIAS: Antigua and Barbuda, Albania, Australia, Argentina, Barbados, Bahamas, Brazil, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brunei, Chile, Canada, Costa Rica, Colombia, El Salvador, Dominica, Grenada, Georgia, Honduras, Guatemala, Israel, Hong Kong S.A.R, Kiribati, Japan, Malaysia, Macao S.A.R., Mauritius, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Mexico, Montenegro, Moldova, New Zealand, Nauru, Palau, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Panama, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Peru, Saint Vincent, Saint Lucia, Serbia, Samoa, Singapore, Seychelles, South Korea, Solomon Islands, Timor Leste, Taiwan, Trinidad and Tobago, Tonga, Ukraine, Tuvalu, United States of America, United Arab Emirates, Vanuatu, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

If you are not from any of these countries, then you will need to apply for a visa.

What do you need to put into the ETIAS application?

With ease of processing being one of the goals of the ETIAS, the application process will be clear and simple. Applicants only need to input their correct and complete name, other biometric information, facts about his citizenship, contact information, and other basic data. But they will also need to disclose medical conditions, criminal records, and other personal information to comply with security protocols.

How long is the authorization valid for?

The authorization is aimed to be valid for 3 years or will last until the travel document used in the application expires. Whatever the validity period is, it will be determined by the applicant’s risk factor.

What document is required to start the application?

You only need to submit your passport to initiate the request for authorization. But there will be times when an applicant is asked to send a clear digital photo of himself to support the application. It needs to be different than the one used in the passport. If the application is unsuccessful, you may try to appeal or apply again.

Is it safe to apply with

Yes, it is safe to apply with’s service because our website has been uniquely created to manage the secure storage of highly sensitive information. We secure your data with the best security measures so that you can feel confident that the personal details you provide are safe with us.

What if I need help or more information?

The information can be found on the website so be sure to go there. For other questions or concerns, send us an email at [email protected].

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