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Business Visa To India During COVID-19

Business Visa To India During COVID-19
iVisa | Updated on Jan 08, 2023

If you are planning a business trip to India, you should know that you will need to apply for a Business Visa To India During COVID-19. It is easy to apply for India Business Visa, and you can do it with iVisa.com. The whole process will take 15 minutes to complete, and you’ll be done and ready to travel.

Business Visa To India During COVID-19 - Read all about it on our FAQs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any COVID-19 requirements I should learn about before traveling to India?

Yes! All incoming travelers need to get a PCR test within 72 hours prior to their arrival. The negative result will be requested by the immigration authorities. They also will need to quarantine for the first 7 days in India.

Its important to bear in mind that these conditions are constantly changing. That's why we’ve put together a product page, so all our visitors can stay up-to-date with the current restrictions due to COVID-19.

We invite you to check it to learn about the Business Visa To India During COVID-19.

What is the India Business Visa and how can I obtain it?

The India Business Visa allows travelers to enter India Multiple Entry within 1 year after issued. Each trip needs to stay under 180 days in Total and they can only be for business.

To apply at iVisa.com you just need to complete these three steps:

  • First: Fill in our online form using your details and select the processing time and fee that best suits your needs.
  • Second: Make sure that all the information entered is correct to avoid any issues and pick a form of payment. We accept both credit and debit cards.
  • Third: Upload the required documents and apply.

Business Visa To India During COVID-19 - Get your India Business Visa soon and travel to India!

Do I need any documents to apply for the India Business Visa?

Of course! But the necessary documents are easy to get. You just need the following:

  • A Passport-size photo.
  • A scan of your passport information page.
  • A scan of the last page of the passport (if applicable).
  • An invitation letter from an India-based company or a scan of your business card.
  • An email address - We will email you your e-Visa once ready.
  • A payment method - We accept credit or debit cards.

Business Visa To India During COVID-19 - Keep reading below to find out more about India Business Visa!

What are the processing times and fees for the India Business Visa?

Our processing times and fees vary depending on how fast you want to receive your India Business Visa.

These are the three options:

  • Standard Processing: 5 days for USD $121.49
  • Rush Processing: 3 days for USD $135.99
  • Super Rush Processing: 2 days for USD $151.49

Business Visa To India During COVID-19 - Consider your needs when choosing the processing time.

Can iVisa.com be trusted?

Absolutely! Our security guidelines are strictly enforced to keep all your information secured. We’ve been in this business for a long time, but if you don’t believe us, read what our previous customers have said about our services in the user reviews section.

Business Visa To India During COVID-19 - We work hard to keep our customers’ information secure!

I still have doubts, how can I contact one of your agents?

Our customer care agents can be contacted through our website. They are available 24/7 to answer any questions about the Business Visa To India During COVID-19.

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