Gabon Visa Application Form Download

Gabon Visa Application Form Download

iVisa | Updated on Dec 07, 2019

All tourists are required to apply for a visa before traveling to Gabon. On the 15th of June, 2015 the Republic of Gabon introduced the electronic visa (e-Visa) service with the aim of facilitating ease of entry into the country and boosting trade and tourism. You may apply for the Gabon e-Visa online without the need to visit an embassy or consular office. Please note, that at the moment electronic visas are only valid for entry into Gabon via the main airport Leon Mba International Airport in Libreville, the capital.


You may fill in the application online without the need to print or fill in forms by hand. The electronic visa system allows you to apply for Gabon e-Visa at the comfort of your own computer and home. The form can be filled online using the iVisa application system at any time of the day. Some passports are exempted and do not need to apply for a visa before traveling. If you wish to apply for a Gabon e-Visa and use the electronic system, you have to fill in the application online and cannot print, fill it by hand and send it by post. For more information to receive travel authorization offline, you can visit your local Gabon embassy or consular office.

Gabon e-Visa application

The Gabon e-Visa can be applied at iVisa by following these five easy steps.

  • Step 1: Choose your country of citizenship
  • Step 2: Select the e-Visa of your choice (single or multiple)
  • Step 3: Fill in the application
  • Step 4: Attach all required and necessary documents.
  • Step 5: Submit your application

Processing options for an e-Visa at iVisa are as follows:

  • Standard: 7 business days; processing fee $20
  • Rush: 6 business days; processing fee $35
  • Super Rush: 4 business days; processing fee $55 Please note that the e-Visa takes a minimum of 72 hours to process by the government of Gabon. The applicant is NOT allowed to travel before receiving an electronic travel authorization (ETA) receipt or the date specified on the application. Individuals that do not abide by the rules will be turned back upon arrival with respect and by following Gabonese immigration laws and at their own expense.

Visa fees for Gabon e-Visa

Gabon is largely a cash-based economy, the e-Visa payment is due upon arrival in cash the moment you receive your e-Visa sticker. Currently, there is no guarantee that you will have access to money inside the airport.

  • Single entry up to 90 days; 70 EUR or 45000 XAF + 15 EUR as file processing fee.
  • Multiple entries up to 180 days; 185 EUR or 120000 XAF + 15 EUR as file processing fee.

Additional information

Some e-Visas can be extended by going to the Générale à la Documentation et l’Immigration in Libreville. A visa for 3 or 6 months cannot be extended. While a visa of 1 month may be extended for 2 months and a visa for 2 months may be extended for one additional month. Please note, that iVisa or your government cannot intervene in case you are refused a visa to Gabon.

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