Germany (Schengen) Visa | Nigerian Citizens

Germany (Schengen) Visa | Nigerian Citizens

iVisa | Updated on Jul 21, 2022

Germany has a rich history of food, culture, and music. Also, you can go clubbing at night or drive through the country and enjoy nature for a while if you want. But first, Nigerian citizens will need to get a visa. It is required if you plan to go on vacation to Germany or the Schengen region (which includes a lot of Europe's popular tourist destinations).


Fill out the application online, we will review it for you, then we will give you a guide and help set up your interview.

Germany (Schengen) Visa | FAQ Answers

How many days can I visit the Schengen region with a Germany (Schengen) visa?

You will have 90 days Per Entry to tour in the area.

Is it required that I have a visa to enter Germany and the Schengen region?

For Nigerian travelers, yes. All residents of Nigeria going for vacation, business, or study will be required to get a visa or you will not be able to enter Germany.

What's the price of a Germany (Schengen) visa?

iVisa's portion of the process includes selecting a speed for us to process your application. Rates vary.

  • Standard Processing -USD 51.99.
  • Rush Processing -USD 91.99
  • Super Rush Processing - USD 148.99.

It costs EUR 60 to get your visa after your interview is complete and approved.

What types of documents and information do I need for the application and interview?

  • Funds Documentation - Bank statements or official bank account information should work.
  • Airline Onward Ticket - Prove you will leave Germany (Schengen) before your visa expires.
  • Former Education/Work History (if applicable) - A work letter or letter from a university officer will work if you are going there for that purpose.
  • Last Page of Passport Scan (if necessary) - Always bring your passport information when applying for a visa and getting into a foreign country.
  • Passport Photo - No black and white passport pictures. Only colored ones with a white background will be accepted.
  • Payment Information - We can take credit cards and PayPal.
  • Passport Information - Three blank passport stamp pages and 180 days of validity remaining from the date you plan to land in the Schengen region.
  • Hotel/Lodging Reservation or Letter from Friend - Give information on how you will stay in Germany or the Schengen region during your trip.

Does having a visa mean I will automatically get into Germany (Schengen)?

No. Having a visa should work for almost all visitors, but customs officials have the right to refuse entry to any traveler they deem necessary to refuse.

How many days does it take to process my Germany (Schengen) visa?

For the application process with iVisa, you have three time periods to select from:

  • Standard Processing: 10 Business Days to complete.
  • Rush processing will be finished within 8 Business Days.
  • Super Rush processing will be finished within 6 Business Days.

Embassies and consulates can take about 5 business days after your interview to process approved visas, so plan accordingly.

What is the number of entry of a Germany (Schengen) visa?

You will be allowed a Single Entry through your selected port of entry. Many temporary visas are single-entry which means you can enter the foreign country one time only for your trip.

What is the length of time I have to use my visa once it is issued?

You will need to plan your trip before your visa expires. Use the visa within 180 days after arrival.

The Germany (Schengen) Visa as a Citizen of Nigeria

We love traveling. And we love helping Nigerians travel all around the world just like the thousands of other travelers before you. Start the process now, and we will help you complete it so you can see Germany and Europe on vacation.

We have people here 24/7 to help with any particular questions you may still have. Safe travel.

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