The Germany (Schengen) Visa - South African Citizens

The Germany (Schengen) Visa - South African Citizens

iVisa | Updated on Jan 21, 2021

To get the Germany (Schengen) visa, citizens of South Africa will have to go through an interview process at the consulate or embassy. It is required for these travelers to have a visa to be able to travel to the Schengen area.


We work to ensure that you are able to get your visa as soon as possible. You can fill in our online application and then set up an interview to help you get through the visa process by giving you a preparation guide.

Germany (Schengen) Visa Process Questions and Answers

How long can I stay in the Schengen area with a Germany (Schengen) visa?

The maximum stay for Germany (Schengen) visa holders is 90 days Per Entry.

How long does it take to process my visa?

It usually takes about five business days to obtain a visa at the German embassy or consulate after the interview. For the visa application that you can take with you to your interview, the speed of processing depends on your preferences.

  • Standard Processing takes around 10 Business Days to complete.
  • Rush processing will complete your application within 8 Business Days.
  • Super Rush processing will complete your application within 6 Business Days.

When is the visa going to expire?

A normal visa for Germany (Schengen) expires in 180 days after arrival.

Is my entry with the visa guaranteed?

No. Customs agents at ports of entry may refuse entry to anyone who is unable to meet entry requirements or whose presence in Germany would go against national security interests.

What documents do I need to submit an online application?

  • Airline Departure Ticket - Have your exit plan ready for the application process.
  • Education/Work History (if applicable) - Going for some other reason besides vacation or official diplomatic business? You'll need to supply education or work information.
  • Passport Photo - Only use a colored photo during the process. White backdrops are the only thing that is accepted.
  • Sufficient Funding - Your bank usually can give you enough information to help with this part.
  • Last Page of Passport Scan (if necessary) - Have your passport ready just in case you need to show it to officials.
  • Passport Bio Information - Three empty passport stamp pages and 6 months of validity left from the date you plan to arrive in the Schengen region.
  • Lodging Confirmation - Have your lodging reservations prepared to show officials.

What is the cost of my visa application for Germany (Schengen Area)?

This will depend on your selection of processing speed:

  • If you select Standard Processing, the processing cost will be USD 25.00.
  • Applicants that choose Rush Processing will pay USD 45.00.
  • Super Rush Processing costs USD 80.00.

Can I pay in cash at the German embassy for my visa?

Yes, you can.

How many times can I enter Germany (Schengen) with the visa?

The Germany (Schengen) visa is valid for a Single Entry.

Get a Germany (Schengen) Visa as a Citizen of South Africa

The best time to visit Germany is from early to late summer, April to June, or from August to October. While the lines for attractions may be a little long, this does not always happen in Germany because people tend to leave the area during the summer.

The food, culture, and natural and visual wonders of Germany are only a few clicks away using iVisa's simple digital application for the Germany (Schengen) region.

Have a safe and fun trip!

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