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Germany (Schengen) Visa for Mozambique Citizens

iVisa | Updated on Jul 07, 2022

Local beer, great food, and amazing landscapes. Germany is a must-see for all travelers to Europe. Getting a visa for the German and Schengen areas of Europe is a requirement for citizens of Mozambique. You can begin getting your visa by filling out our online application. We will then set up a required interview for you at an appropriate German Visa Application center.


Germany (Schengen) Visa | Answers to Visa Questions

What's the maximum stay while holding a visa?

90 days Per Entry. So be sure to schedule your trip within this amount of days.

How much is a visa anyway?

EUR 60. But, you'll need to pay for the application review as well.

  • Standard Processing, the total for application review will be USD $29.49.
  • Travelers that select Rush Processing will be charged USD $51.99.
  • Super Rush Processing USD $83.99.

What form of documents and personal info do they need for the application?

  • Hotel/Lodging Reservation/Host Letter - Show officials you have a resting spot during your vacation.
  • Proof of Sufficient Money - Provide information that you will be able to pay for yourself during your stay in Germany (Schengen) area.
  • Passport Photos - Always bring at least two copies. Colored only. No exceptions.
  • Payment Information - For application processing, we can take PayPal or a credit/debit card.
  • Final Page of Passport Scan (if required) - If needed, show the last page of the passport.
  • Medical Insurance - Your medical policy for travel must have a minimum of EUR 30,000 coverage per traveler.
  • Valid Passport - Three empty passport stamp pages. 6 months validity or more from arrival day.

What's the processing time for my application?

Choose how fast you want us to process your application:

  • Standard Processing: 30 days to complete.
  • Rush processing will be finished within 30 days.
  • Super Rush processing will be finished within 30 days.

Embassies and consulates usually take around 5 business days to review and approve your visa application after your in-person interview is complete.

Do I have to have a visa to enter Germany and the Schengen region?

If you are a Mozambique resident, you will have to have a visa to get into Germany.

I have a visa. Does that mean I can get into Germany automatically?

For almost all travelers, yes. But, the final determination is up to customs officials at the port of entry.

How many times may I fly or cross over into Germany with a visa?

You will be allowed Multiple Entry into a port of entry.

How long do I have to use my visa before it goes bad?

Plan your vacation before your visa ceases to be valid. Utilize the visa within 5 years after issued to be sure it is valid.

The Germany (Schengen) Visa | Citizen of Mozambique Application

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Safe travel.

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