Greece Vaccination Requirements: Do I Need a Vaccine to Travel to Greece?

Greece Vaccination Requirements: Do I Need a Vaccine to Travel to Greece?

iVisa | Updated on May 13, 2021

To visit Greece you might need to fulfill some health requirements based on where you come from. If you don’t know which vaccines you will need to get before your arrival to the country, will explain the Greece Vaccination Requirements: Do I need a vaccine to travel to Greece?

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You might need other travel requirements to visit Greece as well, such as the Greece Passenger Locator Form. If you want to verify what you need before your trip, we recommend using our website. Here you will find an alternative to obtain your documents efficiently and more effortlessly. Besides, you will also find information about Greece and what you need for your trip.

How can I get the Greece Passenger Locator Form with

To enter Greece, every traveler needs to fill out the Greece Passenger Locator Form. Follow the steps below to get yours:

  • Complete the application form and provide your information as indicated. Don’t forget to choose how fast you want to get your document based on your needs.
  • Continue with the payment. Feel free to use any of your credit/debit cards or your Paypal account if you prefer.
  • Finally, upload the required documents and submit them.

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Learn more about the Greece Vaccination Requirements: Do I need a vaccine to travel to Greece? In the lines below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a vaccine to travel to Greece?

No, you don't. As of today, COVID-19 vaccination passports or certificates are not mandatory to enter Greece. Now if you are a Covid vaccine certificate holder, you won't need to present a negative PCR test. Since information may change quickly, we advise you to follow up on the latest Greece travel updates and/or contact your local embassy.

It is generally recommended to have certain vaccinations (like Rubella, Chickenpox, and Influenza) to avoid health risks while staying in the country. However, these are not required.

What all passengers will need to enter Greece is a travel document called the Greece Passenger Locator Form. You can get yours by applying with

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Can's team help me with the entry requirements to visit Greece?

There are several entry requirements to enter Greece. However, vaccinations are not included among these. On the other hand, every traveler will need to complete the Greece Passenger Locator form before arriving in the country. You can apply for this document with and use our streamlined application process to get your form quickly and securely. Our team will review your application to make sure there are no errors. Start the process now.

Be aware the Passenger Locator Form does not replace a visa, so if your nationality requires one to enter Greece you’ll have to obtain that as well. If you need that, we recommend reaching out to your nearest embassy.

What information do I need to provide for the Greece Passenger Locator Form?

Follow the next list of items you should bear in mind when applying:

  • The scanned passport that you will have to attach.
  • The credit/debit card that you will use for the payment method.
  • Your email address because it is where you will receive the Greece Passenger Locator Form when it is ready.

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What are the prices for the Greece Passenger Locator Form?

We have prepared the following options to get your Greece Passenger Locator Form:

  • Standard Processing Time: 24 hours - USD 20.00.
  • Rush Processing Time: 8 hours - USD 35.00.
  • Super Rush Processing Time: 4 hours - USD 60.00.

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How can I get in touch with if I have more questions?

Feel free to reach out to our support agents whenever you need it, and they will be ready to clarify all you need to know about the Greece Vaccination Requirements: Do I need a vaccine to travel to Greece? Chat with them right now. Recommends

Visiting Greece means that you will have a backstage pass to a country that is full of different options to explore. To start with, you will have the opportunity to visit Old Greece’s ruins where most of the arts, history, and ancient mythology can be seen together in one single place. There is not only one single place to visit, but many. However, will recommend a few places to consider first before going there.

Climb Mount Olympus: Most people worldwide have heard about it before in the different legends from Greek mythology textbooks. According to the story, it was where Zeus used to rule, sitting on his throne. The best part is that you can climb it and recreate those stories that you will find in textbooks about it.

Santorini (also well-known as Thira) is one of the most famous islands because of its traditional and astounding white and blue houses located in its capital Fira. If you go there, you will have the chance to discover them and take a tour around the place while taking the best selfies to show off with your family and friends.

You will need to present the Greece Passenger Locator Form when you arrive. To get it in advance, and avoid tedious queues during your departure, we recommend using Apply right now.

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