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iVisa | Updated on Sep 26, 2022

Nowadays, covid vaccines are changing the way we travel again. Due to strict health protocols, it seemed that traveling could be impossible for a while. However, as covid vaccines start to arrive in most countries, there is a hope that traveling as often as before will be possible. If you have the Vaccination Passport Hong Kong, there are greater chances to have a smooth entry to Hong Kong. Don’t worry! Because is ready to support you with the digital procedures for any travel document you need.

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The vaccination certificate is a health document that shows what vaccine you have taken. There won’t be more worries about getting severely sick as you have now the covid vaccine. Also, as most tourist attractions start to open, we are sure it’s the perfect time to explore Hong Kong.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the vaccination certificate, and what other required documents do I need to travel to Hong Kong?

A vaccination certificate is an official document that describes the vaccine you have against covid. Also, it helps set you up to start traveling again as destinations like Hong Kong are ready to receive you. The Vaccination Passport Hong Kong is the first step to getting back to your trip plans from now on.

Don’t forget you will also need the Hong Kong Electronic Health Declaration. This mandatory document will request personal details to keep a record of your visit to Hong Kong.

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Do I need a COVID vaccine or vaccination certificate to enter Hong Kong?

Hong Kong now allows foreign visitors who have been fully vaccinated at least 14 days before arrival. A vaccination certificate in English or Chinese must be presented, along with a written confirmation in English or Chinese.

COVID-19 vaccination certificates are mandatory if you are coming from any country except mainland China, Taiwan or Macao. However, unvaccinated children under 12 accompanied by fully vaccinated parents are exempt from this requirement.

Accepted vaccines are: AstraZeneca, Anhui Zhifei Longcom, Covaxin, Pfizer, CanSinoBIO, Sputnik V, Vero Cell, Janssen, Moderna, Nuvoxavid, Covishield, Covovax, Sinopharm, and Sinovac.

Do I need a COVID-19 test to travel to Hong Kong?

  • COVID test prior to arrival: Antigen within 24 hours.

  • COVID test exemptions: Travelers coming from Mainland China or Macao, children under 3 and transit passengers.

Note: Travelers are advised to complete the online Health Declaration Form after they have obtained the negative RAT result.

Will I be required to quarantine once I get to Hong Kong?

Arrivals from Macao or mainland China:

  • Quarantine requirements: Self-monitoring for 3 days

  • Quarantine testing: a PCR on day 2

Arrivals from Taiwan and the rest of the world:

  • Quarantine requirements: 3-day medical surveillance

  • Quarantine testing: Daily rapid antigen tests until day 7 and a PCR test on day 2, 4 and 6.

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How much does this document cost, and when can I get it?

The Hong Kong Electronic Health Declaration has the following fees according to how fast you want the travel document.

  • Standard processing time: 24 hours - USD $27.49
  • Rush processing time: 4 hours - USD $49.99
  • Super Rush processing time: 30 minutes - USD $84.99

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Is safe?

Of course! We know security is a top priority for all our customers. Therefore, we work with the highest security guidelines for all our travel processes. We can support you with the Vaccination Passport Hong Kong.

Go to the comments section and check more details about our work. Our experts can answer all your questions.

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Where can I find more information?

Connect with our customer service agents, who have the right expertise to help you with the Vaccination Passport Hong Kong.

We are available 24 hours a day. We are sure we have all the answers you need for your next trip to Hong Kong.

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Hong Kong is a luxurious city with plenty to offer you. Check the Star Ferry, a must-do activity that will only cost you a few Hong Kong Dollars. The ride dates back to 1880, and you can depart from Victoria Harbour. Take the main route from Kowloon to Hong Kong island and check the incredible towers and modern city you leave behind. The green mountains on the back of the city and the breeze will make this trip unforgettable. Come back at night so you can check A Symphony of Lights show. We know you will enjoy the spectacle.

Head to Victoria Peak and have a marvelous view of the whole city. Ride the tram and get to the top of the viewpoint. Check the skyscrapers, harbor, and nearby islands. Check the Peak Tower and Peak Galleria, where you can find stores, restaurants, and the famous observation deck. You can come down through a trail that mixes forest and lush greenery. We recommend visiting at night as you will enjoy the night sky. We are sure you will never forget this view.

Don’t miss the Big Buddha, a 24-meter statue located in Po Lin monastery. This Buddha is one of the largest ones in the world, and it took 12 years to complete. The landscape is fabulous as you can see the forest and islands. Make sure to take the Ngong Ping cable car for a 25-minute journey rising to the top.

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