Hungary ETIAS for Citizens of Singapore

Hungary ETIAS for Citizens of Singapore

iVisa | Updated on Oct 22, 2021

Cycling is a growing trend. Millions of people have chosen bicycles as their everyday transportation or as a healthy hobby for the weekends.

Hungary is not the exception. In fact, Hungarian tourism and cultural associations promote the bicycle as the best way to discover the country to have a more personal and close experience.

Cycling infrastructure in Hungary has suffered a positive change in a few years. The most recent addition to this is the Lake Balaton cycle route, offering 200 km of bicycle exclusive lanes.

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Today, a total number of 1,010 cycle routes have been constructed around the country, divided into 30 road cycling routes, 179 mountain biking trails, and 679 bike rides. It is important to mention that Hungary is fully integrated with the Eurovelo (Long-distance cycling routes network of Europe). The Eurovelo 11 and the famous Eurovelo 6 cross the country. This last one allows the traveler to bike along the Danube and connects Budapest with other cities like Vienna (Switzerland). It is also possible to get to the Atlantic or the Black Sea on the other end of the route.

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To enter Hungary, starting in 2022, the new ETIAS is necessary. This new document is the latest travel regulation established by the Schengen zone authorities. It will be mandatory for every person coming from outside the European continent. The Hungary ETIAS for Citizens of Singapore is a digital document obtainable through the application process created by

We invite you to discover the requirements to apply for the new Hungary ETIAS for Citizens of Singapore next.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible for the ETIAS?

Singapore is included in the list of visa-exempt countries to enter the Schengen Zone. If you are a citizen of this country, you can apply for the Hungary ETIAS for citizens of Singapore. Not only citizenship or a passport is necessary to obtain the ETIAS. Authorities may consider some additional aspects to grant permission. The visa checker tool from will let you know in a matter of minutes if your profile is eligible for the new ETIAS.

Will the new ETIAS make my visa obsolete?

Absolutely not. The ETIAS was created for a different purpose. A visa is necessary for special situations like working or studying in a foreign country. The Hungary ETIAS for Citizens of Singapore allows stays of 90 days in a period of 180 days.

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Is it necessary to be present at a consular office to apply for the ETIAS?

No, it is not necessary. The application for the Hungary ETIAS for Citizens of Singapore is 100% online accessible. This process is meant to be fast and friendly for every person. The only necessary things are a computer and a stable internet connection.

With the application form of, you only need 20 minutes to complete the steps to send your application.

What is the validity period of the ETIAS?

The Hungary ETIAS for Citizens of Singapore will be valid for 3 years max depending on the applicant’s profile.

To enjoy the full validity period of the ETIAS, it is important to check the expiration date of your current passport. Both documents are linked so they will expire simultaneously.

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A single ETIAS covers my whole family?

The ETIAS is a personal document, therefore, an individual authorization. If you're planning to start a family journey to Hungary, every member of your family will need to apply for this permission individually.

The application form for the Hungary ETIAS for Citizens of Singapore is the fastest and more reliable option. It is available at Ask for assistance about how to start an application for your kids with’s customer service.

Levels of service and price for the ETIAS

At you will find the most suitable option to apply for the Hungary ETIAS for Citizens of Singapore whether for you or for your whole family.

  • Standard option - The ideal option when time is enough. Good service for a low price.
  • Rush option -Faster response, higher fee.
  • Super Rush option - Travel date is fast approaching? This option offers the fastest response for a higher fee.

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Is it safe to apply for the ETIAS with

It is very safe. generates safe processes at all times regardless how simple the task may be.

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I would like to know additional information about the ETIAS?

We have a solution to every possible requirement. Please access’s blog or’s customer service to find more information.