Iceland Travel Rules during COVID-19

Iceland Travel Rules during COVID-19

iVisa | Updated on Jan 25, 2022

Iceland is an exotic destination that always catches the tourist’s eye. Unfortunately, with the current COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to know that the authorities in this country had to change some rules related to the entry of tourists.

While the COVID-19 lasts, the Icelandic authorities will require all arrivals from risk areas to obey a quarantine. In the case of travelers, they’ll have to fill out an Iceland Pre-Registration form before entering the country. This is an electronic paper that will have your contact information like personal details and addresses during the quarantine in the country. Aside from that, you’ll also need to take a COVID-19 test.

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The duration of the Icelandic quarantine is 14 days (just like most of the quarantines nowadays), but you should remember that as soon as you arrive in the country, you’ll have to take a COVID-19 test. This test is available at the airport, but it has a fee, which is not the same as the one you pay for the Pre-Registration. Keep in mind that there are other Iceland Travel Rules during COVID-19 that you should consider, but you’ll be able to learn the most important of them in this article.

Another useful tip that you should consider is that the Iceland Pre-Registration Form is available with, and the process with this company is quite easy and fast. You can learn more about it in the following section.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Icelandic Pre-Registration Form?

Every foreign citizen that wants to enter Iceland must apply for the Iceland Pre-Registration Form before departure. This Declaration Form is an online document that the Icelandic authorities designed to admit tourists into the country while the COVID-19 lasts. With this document, the Icelandic Immigration Officers can track all the travelers entering the country to avoid the contagion of the virus. Remember that this way, they can obtain all the information necessary about the health of each passenger, because it is necessary to safeguard everyone’s health.

In this document, you’ll be able to offer you contact information including the type of transport, travel dates, and address during your stay in Iceland.

For your convenience, you can obtain the Iceland Pre-Registration Form with if you want to save time and effort.

Who can enter Iceland?

Fully vaccinated travelers, plus EEA citizens, and the following third-country citizens can travel to Iceland for tourism purposes upon presentation of a negative COVID-19 test result: Bahrain, Chile, Colombia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Kuwait, Macao, New Zealand, Peru, Qatar, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, Uruguay

Do I need a COVID vaccine or vaccination certificate to enter Iceland?

Yes, Iceland has been taking steps to restore travel within its borders. If you are coming from a high-risk country, in order to enter Iceland, you’ll need to display your COVID vaccine passport or vaccination certificate.

Accepted vaccines are Pfizer/BioNTech, AstraZeneca, Janssen, Moderna, Vero Cell and Sinopharm. You are considered vaccinated if all doses of a vaccine against SARS-Cov-2 have been administered for at least two weeks before traveling.

Which countries are considered high risk in Iceland?

  • High risk zones: Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, Zimbabwe and South Africa

Do I need a COVID-19 test result to visit Iceland?

  • COVID test prior to arrival: PCR or antigen within 72 hours (fully vaccinated travelers) or PCR within 72 hours (unvaccinated travelers)
  • COVID test exemptions: Children born in 2005 or later

Do I have to remain in quarantine?

  • Quarantine requirements: 5 days for unvaccinated travelers

What are the Iceland COVID-19 Entry Requirements?

Applying for the Iceland Pre-Registration Form isn’t difficult, and it’s the same case for your COVID-19 test. In the case of the test, you just need to ask the authorities once you arrive that you want to take the test. But, in the case of the Pre-Registration form, you can simply have it with’s application form. For that, you just need to provide the following documents:

  • A valid scanned copy of your passport information page. Don’t forget your passport when the travel date comes!
  • A valid email address, especially because all the information about the document and also the test will be delivered via email inbox.
  • A Paypal or a debit/credit card so you can pay for the fees, including the COVID-19 test fee.

How much does it cost the Icelandic Pre-Registration Form?

A great advantage of’s service is that you can select one of the following 3 procedure options to get your Iceland Health Declaration. All of these processing options have different costs because they depend on how soon you want to receive the declaration form. In simpler words, the faster you want it, the more you have to pay.

These are your options:

  • Standard Procedure Option: By waiting only 1 Business Day you’ll just have to pay USD 20.00.
  • Rush Procedure Option: This time, your document is ready in 8 hours if you pay USD 35.00.
  • Super Rush Procedure Option: With this option you’ll just wait 4 hours if you pay USD 60.00.

Don’t forget that the prices for the Pre-Registration Form are completely different from the COVID-19 test.

Does the COVID-19 have a price in Iceland?

Yes, it has. After you offer your Iceland Pre-Registration Form, you’ll be able to take the COVID-19 test, but it’ll have an extra cost. Please remember that these are fees that the Icelandic government asks, so it’s important to pay them in order to use all of their services properly. The cost of the COVID-19 test in Iceland is ISK 9 000 for a particular PCR test (the equivalent of USD 64.00 average). But, ISK 11 000 is the price if you decide to take it on arrival.

Kids don’t need to get a test and you should consider that the 2nd test is free of charge once you’re into Iceland.

How can I apply with’s online form?

It isn’t difficult to apply for the Iceland Pre-Registration Form using’s online form. This way, you enjoy a straightforward process because it only has 3 easy steps to complete, which are:

  • First, complete all the questions in the online questionnaire carefully and select the processing option you prefer.
  • Second, be sure that your information is alright before proceeding with the payment.
  • Third, attach the documents asked (including the scanned-copy of your passport) to finish the process. After that, you can click on ‘submit’.

Click on this link to apply when you feel ready!

Also, you can contact’s customer service to receive personal attention if you have questions or doubts about this process.

Is it safe to use’s service?

Don’t worry if security is your main concern, we know that it’s something quite important. That’s why you should know that has an incredible and modern system that won’t permit unauthorized access to the database. It means that your information won’t be in danger. If you have doubts about our service, you can read our reviews.

Where can I obtain more information about it?

You’re just one click away from Iceland because you just need the Iceland Pre-Registration Form to enter this beautiful destination. If you still have doubts about this document, then don’t forget to contact us via chat. You can read’s blog as well, especially if you want to receive more travel tips. Enjoy your upcoming trip to Iceland!