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| Updated on Aug 10, 2018

India Visa for Malaysians

Are you considering seeing more of the world? Have you ever wanted to plan a trip abroad, perhaps to somewhere historic and beautiful, like India? Traveling is a great way to gain exposure to new cultures, histories, and ideas of you might otherwise be unaware.

If you’re preparing to travel from Malaysia to India, you probably have a few questions concerning the travel requirements to apply for an India visa. Read on below to find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

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Do I Need a Visa to Visit India?

In most international countries, you’ll need a visa. If you’re traveling to India from Malaysia, you’ll need a traditional or electronic tourist visa. Most people only consider investing in traditional visa, which works well enough but can take extra time and sometimes extra money to obtain.

If you opt for your electronic visa via iVisa, you’ll find the process to be relatively simple and fast. iVisa is an online website dedicated to providing you with fast and secure electronic visas.

How Much Will My India Visa Cost?

The India visa costs 82 USD and there is a service fee of 35 USD. For business and medical e-Visa there is an additional fee of 10 USD.

You’ll pay $52 for the electronic visa and $35 for the processing fee. iVisa makes it easy to know upfront how much you’ll have to pay, and the only other possible additional charges would be rush processing fees, which are clearly explained in the application.

Is an e-Visa a Safe Way to Travel?

If you’ve never traveled via e-visa before, you might be wondering if it’s as secure or trustworthy as a traditional visa. An e-visa makes traveling even easier than traditional visas because it’s nearly impossible to lose. Services like iVisa send this e-visa directly to your email, so you always have a copy available.

Although e-visas are harder to lose, if you do misplace your electronic visa before your trip to India, simply reach out to iVisa, and they’ll resend you your copy in a flash.

How Long Will It Take to Get My e-Visa?

The time it takes to obtain your e-visa depends greatly on the service you’re using. Most electronic visa procurement websites can get you your India visa fairly quickly. iVisa, for instance, can process your visa in as little as 18 hours and will be sent to you within 72 hours after applying.

If you’re preparing for your trip abroad to India, check one worry off your to-do list by applying for a secure e-visa via iVisa. Simply log on, apply, pay, and go back to focusing on the more important details of your trip while iVisa handles the rest.

Apply for an Indian Visa

Click here to apply for an Indian visa.

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Is Indian visa same with Sri Lankan visa? Hope can reply me soon. It's urgent. Thank you.
(82 days ago)
Hi Serina, Electronic visa is different for each country. Malaysian citizens can apply for an Indian eVisa and Sri Lanka ETA. You can apply here for the India eVisa: and here for Sri Lanka ETA:
(78 days ago)
For eVisa, do we pay the fee in US$ or our local currency like with the traditional visa ?
(19 days ago)
Dear Jennifer, the fee of the e-Visa is in USD and it is made online. You can apply here:
(16 days ago) preparing my trip to india and completing my evisa online for tourist visa. the fee stated in the visa link is in inr10950 which equals to rm652.29. Can i confirm this is correct? im afraid of the scam. thank you
(6 days ago)
Dear Rina, The visa cost for Malaysian citizens is 82 USD which is the equivalent to mr477. You can apply here: . They payment is made online and you need to have a credit/debit card or PayPal account.
(5 days ago)