Indian Business visa for US citizens

Indian Business visa for US citizens
iVisa | Updated on Sep 03, 2019

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Traveling for business reasons is very common these days. International partnerships are just as common, which is why the need for a business visa has increased these past few years. Lucky for everyone interested, there are countries such as India that make the process very simple. If until recently you had to go to the Indian consulate and apply for a visa, now you can do all that from home or the office. It is called applying for an Indian eVisa, and it has made every business traveler’s life a little bit easier.

India business visa requirements for US citizens

An India business visa for US citizens is very easy to obtain. All you have to do is fill in a form and hit submit. However, you still need to prepare some documents. You need to have a valid passport; you need to scan the information page of your passport and have a digital photo of yourself. You also need a credit/debit card, but you can use a PayPal account as well. These are general requirements, but a business visa has two additional requirements. You need a copy of your business card and an invitation letter. However, keep in mind that the invitation letter is not mandatory, and you can proceed without it.

The next step is to fill in the application and submit it. It should take only a few minutes, and it consists of writing in your basic information, answering a couple of personal questions, and uploading the documents mentioned above. If by any chance there is some confusion, you can call and ask for help. iVisa has a 24/7 assistance service that is ready to help you every step of the way.

As far as cost goes, you do not need to worry. Surely your time is far more valuable than the cost of a visa. You have three options. You can choose the Standard Processing, which means you will pay USD 147.50 and receive the visa via email in 5 days. Then there is the Rush Processing that costs USD 177.50, but you will obtain the documents in 3 days. Last but not least, the Super Rush Processing means you will have your visa ready in as little as 2 days. However, that is the most expensive. It costs USD 212.50. So, if you have an emergency, rest assured that obtaining the visa will not be difficult.

The eVisa is valid for 1 year. Once you go to India, you can stay there for a maximum of 180 days Total. If you need to, you can come back and then go to India again since the visa allows a Multiple Entry.

It is not difficult to realize how much an online visa simplifies things for business people. You may already be busy, and wasting your time at the consulate is the last thing you need. However, an online visa will save you all that trouble. It is an excellent alternative, which is why multiple countries are planning to follow India’s example. The United States is just one of the 150 countries whose citizens can apply for an Indian eVisa.

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