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The Jordan Pass | Poland Citizens

iVisa | Updated on Jul 25, 2022

Do you want free access to over 30 historic sites in Jordan? Then you want the Jordan Pass. It is better overall than a visa since it gets you into the country but also allows you free entry into many popular visitor sites.


The application is cheap, quick, and secure. We created this process so we can communicate with the governments for you and save you the time, money, and strain of stressful travel-planning.

Questions & Answers | The Jordan Pass vs a Visa

What information is necessary for the application and entry?

Your passport needs 6 months’ validity from the arrival date, and we will need either your PayPal information or credit card information to complete the purchase of your Jordan Pass.

How long does the Jordan Pass allow me to stay in Jordan?

The maximum stay with a Jordan Pass is 30 days Per Entry.

Does the Jordan Pass work like a visa at the border?

Yes, it will allow you to enter Jordan, but it is not technically a visa. You must stay three nights minimum in order to avoid extra fees like paying for a visa.

Which processing speed should I select, and what is the total cost?

Depending on how fast you need the Pass, there are different costs:

  • Standard Processing Total Cost - USD $194.99
  • Rush Processing Total Cost - USD $246.99
  • Super Rush Processing Total Cost - USD $291.99

Do I need to get a Jordan Pass or should I get a visa?

Visas are a hassle and only get you through the border customs. A Jordan Pass has the added benefit of allowing you through the gates of many tour sites for free.

What’s the expiration date of a Jordan Pass?

It will expire in 1 year after issued.

Use the Jordan Pass before the pass expires. So plan your trip around the expiration date.

What types of processing speed selections do I have? How much are they?

When applying for the Jordan Pass, you will need to choose which speed you want us to process your application:

  • Standard Processing is ready 3 days to process.
  • Rush Processing will take at most 2 days to complete your application review.
  • Super Rush Processing which will speed your application review and have it in your hands within 24 hours.

Do I get free entry into cultural sites with a visa?

You only get free entry into cultural sites with the Jordan Pass.

What type of border entry restrictions does the Pass have?

The Jordan Pass restricts holders to Single Entry into the country.

How long is my Jordan Pass good for once it is scanned at a tour site?

The initial scan starts a two-week period you will have to use the Jordan Pass.

Residents of Poland - Your Jordan Pass Application Online

If you are from Poland and going to Jordan, the Jordan Pass is the best entry document you can get. It offers a multitude of historic site entrances for free and will also get you into the beautiful country of Jordan.

Join the thousands of travelers that have used iVisa with success and happiness. Safe travels to you and your friends and family.

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