The Jordan Pass | Suriname Citizens

The Jordan Pass | Suriname Citizens

iVisa | Updated on Feb 04, 2020

Those from Suriname should consider purchasing a Jordan Pass over a visa-on-arrival. If you obtain a visa at the airport when you land in Jordan, you will only get entry into the country. But, with the Jordan Pass, you will get through customs and have the added benefit of free entry into almost 40 cool and interesting places in Jordan.


The application process is really easy. We encrypt all of our data so you don’t have to worry about the security of your information. Here are some common questions and answers about the Jordan Pass.

Answers to Questions | The Jordan Pass for Tourism

What’s the total cost of getting a Pass for Jordan?

Choose a speed and see the total cost.

  • Standard - USD 158.00
  • Rush - USD 178.00
  • Super Rush - USD 198.00

Visa or Pass? Which one should I get?

If you want a great tour of Jordan, get the Jordan Pass. If you need just a day or two in Jordan and won’t be touring a lot, get a visa.

What information do you need for the application and entry?

A passport with 6+ months left after you will arrive in Jordan’s port-of-entry.

What types of processing speed selections do I have? How much are they?

When applying for the Jordan Pass, you will need to choose which speed you want us to process your application:

  • Standard Processing takes about 3 days to process.
  • Rush Processing will take around 2 days to complete your application approval.
  • Super Rush Processing which will speed your application review and send it to your email within 24 hours.

Can I get through customs with a Jordan Pass like a visa?

Customs will scan your Jordan Pass as it works just like a visa for entry into Jordan.

What’s the total amount of days I can spend in Jordan with the Pass?

Your max stay is capped at 30 days Per Entry.

How long do I have before my Jordan Pass expires?

1 year after issued so plan your trip wisely.

How many times can I go through customs with a Jordan Pass?

The Jordan Pass allows Single Entry into the country.

Does a visa allow me free entry into 30+ tourist sites?

No. Only with the Jordan Pass do you get free entry.

Once initially scanned, how long is the Pass good for?

The initial scan starts a two-week period you will have left to utilize the Jordan Pass.

Residents of Suriname - Your Jordan Pass Application Online

The Jordan Pass is the ultimate document for Suriname tourists to see the sights of Jordan for an amazing price. So, don’t worry about a visa. Get a Pass instead and see the 30+ amazing historical sites of Jordan.

Cheers and good luck.

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