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The Jordan Pass for Citizens of Tonga

The Jordan Pass for Citizens of Tonga
iVisa | Updated on Jan 25, 2023

In today’s digital age, citizens of Tonga can get what is known as a Jordan Pass to not only enter Jordan but also to explore the country in-depth. It is more affordable for travelers who want to see all of the cultural and historical sites around Jordan since it gives you free entry into the most amazing sites all around the country.


The application is simple and requires just a few minutes. We work with the governments for you so that you don’t have to.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Jordan Pass

Will I be asked to show my ID or passport at each site?

Yes. Carry your ID and your Jordan Pass with you throughout your trip just to be sure.

When will my Jordan Pass expire?

Your Jordan Pass is good for use within 1 year after issued. Then, it will automatically expire after two weeks from the first time it is scanned at a tourist site.

How long will it take to approve my Jordan Pass application?

You have three speeds to choose from:

  • Standard Processing takes no more than 3 days to process.
  • Rush Processing will take a maximum of 2 days to complete your application processing.
  • Super Rush Processing which will process your application within 24 hours.

With a Jordan Pass with me, how many days will I be able to stay in Jordan?

You will be able to stay in Jordan for up to 30 days Per Entry with the Jordan Pass.

Do I have to buy my young children a Jordan Pass?

It can be beneficial. Children under 12 are welcome to visit Jordan's tourist attractions free of charge if accompanied by their guardian.

Are the attractions open throughout the year?

During official holidays and renovations, some sites may be temporarily closed, but almost all of them are open year-round.

How much does a Jordan Pass cost?

The final cost includes the price of the Pass and the cost of your chosen processing speed:

  • Standard - USD $180.99
  • Rush - USD $230.99
  • Super Rush - USD $288.99

How many entries into the country do I get with a Jordan Pass?

You will have Single Entry into Jordan with a Jordan Pass.

When I get my Jordan Pass, how long do I have before it will expire?

Your Jordan Pass will expire 1 year after issued. Make sure your trip falls before the expiration date (two weeks gives you perfect amount of time to explore all the sites).

What types of information do I need to give iVisa to apply for the Jordan Pass?

  • Payment Arrangement - We accept Visa, Mastercard as well as Paypal.
  • Travel Plans - Have a departure ticket ready to go for your exit out of Jordan.
  • Identification - Scan your identification document(s) for uploading with your online application.

Citizens of Tonga - Online Jordan Pass Application

We are always so happy to help travelers get the best deals. That’s why we acquired the ability to help you get a Jordan Pass, because we knew it would be a convenience for you, your family, and your friends.

Good luck with your trip, and let us know if we can help any more by clicking on the chat bubble below 24/7.

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