The Jordan Pass for Turkmenistan Citizens

The Jordan Pass for Turkmenistan Citizens

iVisa | Updated on Jan 06, 2021

If you are going from Turkmenistan to Jordan and you will be touring a lot of the country, then you should definitely consider getting a Jordan Pass. With a visa, you can only enter the country. You can do that with the Jordan Pass as well plus you will pay nothing extra to get to over 40 sites while you are exploring this magnificent country.


The application for a Jordan Pass is super easy to fill out, and you won’t have to leave your house to do so.

Frequently Asked Questions | The Jordan Pass vs a Visa

Is it better to get a Jordan Pass over getting a visa?

Visas only get you into the country. With the Jordan Pass, you can go to over 35 sites in Jordan for free. There is a QR code that entry guards scan from your phone or printed copy. It’s that simple.

With a visa, am I allowed to enter these amazing sites for free?

The visa-on-arrival is restricted to country entry only, so if you want to tour for free, you need a Jordan Pass.

What are your pricing options for a Jordan Pass?

Depending on how fast you need the Pass, there are different costs:

  • Standard - USD 158.00
  • Rush - USD 178.00
  • Super Rush - USD 198.00

A 3-night minimum is required with the Jordan Pass or you’ll pay a fee when you try to leave Jordan close to USD $56.

What do you need to process my application?

We just need your passport information and a payment method to process your application for the Jordan Pass.

How long does the Jordan Pass allow me to stay in Jordan?

The maximum stay with a Jordan Pass is 30 days Per Entry.

What type of border entry restrictions does the Pass have?

The Jordan Pass restricts holders to Single Entry into the country.

Do you offer rush processing if I need a Pass fast?

Yes! There are three types of processing speeds to select from when applying for the Pass:

  • Standard Processing is ready 3 days to process.
  • Rush Processing will take at most 2 days to complete your application review.
  • Super Rush Processing will speed your application review and have it in your hands within 24 hours.

What’s the expiration date of a Jordan Pass?

It will expire in 1 year after issued.

Plan your trip before it expires.

How long is my Jordan Pass good for once it is scanned at a tour site?

After the first tour scan of your Pass, you will have two weeks to explore the other sites.

Citizens of Turkmenistan - Your Jordan Pass Application Online

Make your travel plans easier by getting the Jordan Pass for your trip. Have friends that are going with you? Send them this link so they can get one, too. It is an excellent opportunity for those who want to not only enter Jordan but also get to explore a lot of amazing sites for free.

Safe travel.

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