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Kenya Visa for the citizens of Colombia

iVisa | Updated on Nov 04, 2022

Kenya is one of the chosen countries for Colombians eager to explore the African jungle and discover its fauna and flora. However, if you’re one of them, you will need to apply for a Kenya Visa for the citizens of Colombia. It is a special travel permit that allows you to stay in the country and achieve your travel dreams. Fortunately, Colombian citizens are now allowed to apply online with iVisa.com.

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Check more details about the Kenya visa for the citizens of Colombia in our FAQS below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to know about the Kenya Visa for the citizens of Colombia?

It is an electronic travel permit that grants its holder the possibility to stay within the country. With it, you can stay in Kenya for up to 90 days.

What are the requirements to apply for the Kenya Visa?

They won’t be so many! By using iVisa.com, you will need only the essentials to apply for the document:

  • Any of your debit or credit cards to pay for the service.
  • Your current passport that must be valid for almost 6 months before your trip to Kenya.
  • Your email address, so you can receive updates about your document and your visa once it is ready.
  • A recent photo taken in a white background with a passport size.
  • Return ticket.
  • Proof of accommodation.

I’m in a hurry! What are the options that iVisa.com offers to obtain my document?

iVisa.com offers three alternatives to get your Kenya visa for the citizens of Colombia.

  • Standard Processing Procedure: 6 Business Days - USD $115.19
  • Rush Processing Procedure: 4 Business Days - USD $156.19
  • Super Rush Processing Procedure: 2 Business Days - USD $160.19

What do I need to do to get the Kenya Visa for the citizens of Colombia?

It won’t be as hard as you might be thinking! Our experts have designed a simple process that will take 10 minutes to do.

  • Complete your application form with specific information about yourself. Once you do so, select the processing option that suits your needs.
  • Pay for the service you will receive from us. iVisa.com accepts all debit or credit cards.
  • Upload the required docs and submit your form.

Is iVisa.com a safety choice?

Sure! We understand your possible concern about your information’s privacy and other details about it. That’s why we safeguard your provided data, including your payment details from all third parties. Still don’t believe us? You can read our privacy policy to learn more about it.

Can I get in touch with you if I have more questions?

Without hesitation! Our goal is to help you get your Kenya Visa for the citizens of Colombia and clarify any doubts about it. It is why our customer service agents will be there to solve all your questions about it at any time you need assistance. You can also submit a message to [email protected] if you prefer so.

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