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The citizens of Mozambique are eligible for a Kenyan eVisa if they want to know this country for tourism purposes. A visa waiver agreement was signed by Kenya and Mozambique at the end of 2018, but it still has to come into effect. The best thing about this process is that you can apply for a Kenya eVisa online with iVisa’s help.

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Frequently Asked Questions / FAQs

Do Mozambique nationals require a visa for Kenya?

Yes, if you're from Mozambique then you need to apply for a visa to visit this country. Fortunately, it is available to make the application online.

For Mozambicans nationals, what is the eVisa?

The Kenyan eVisa is a type of visa that allows citizens from some countries to enter Kenya and visit it for a period of time. It is called ''electronic'' because it gives you the facility to process the visa online.

How much time are Mozambicans allowed to visit Kenya?

If you're Mozambican, you have 90 calendar days to remain in Kenya. These days run from the date you emitted your visa.

What about the required documents?

You will be pleased to learn that the requirements for a Kenyan eVisa are easy to fulfill, and you may already have some of the necessary things. Here is a list of the documents and information you need for the online application process:

  • Minors Passport Bio Data Page (if applicable)

  • Applicant Photo

  • Passport Cover

  • Passport Personal Details Scan

  • Proof of Accommodation (if applicable)

  • Invitation Letter (if applicable)

  • Host's ID (if applicable)

  • Hospital Letter (if applicable)

  • Appointment letter from Kenyan hospital (if applicable)

  • Organization's Certificate of Registration in the justice authority (if applicable)

  • Employment Proof (if applicable)

  • Previous Visas Last Year (if applicable)

You'll also need a valid email address for you to receive your eVisa. Remember that you can pay iVisa's fees with credit/debit card or a Paypal account, so you should keep any of these methods on hand when filling in the online form.

How long is this eVisa valid for?

You can use this document for 90 days after issued.

How much does it cost the process of the eVisa?

The total price of your Kenyan eVisa will vary depending on the time you want to obtain it. In the following list, we show you the Kenya eVisa options:

  • Standard (6 Business Days) - USD 103.99.
  • Rush (4 Business Days) -USD 149.99.
  • Super Rush (2 Business Days) -USD 181.99.

It will take too much time to complete the online form?

30 minutes of your time is more than enough to complete all.

How can I apply?

After you make sure that you meet the requirements, you can go ahead and fill in the application form. You should not find the online form difficult but keep in mind that iVisa’s customer support is at your disposal day and night if you need help or have questions. The service is free of charge.

The form you are asked to fill in consists of three sections:

  1. Insert your personal information, and pick a processing time option for your application. Keep in mind that your choice establishes how much you will be charged for your Kenyan eVisa.

  2. The second part expects you to proceed with the payment and carefully examine your form.

  3. The third step asks you to upload the supporting documents of your application. After you complete the steps, you are free to send your form.

What should I do once I complete the form of the eVisa?

After you complete the online process, you'll receive your Kenyan eVisa by email depending on the turnaround time you selected.

What are the number of entries I can use to visit Kenya?

Mozambique citizens have just a Single Entry to visit this country.

Children who want to travel to Kenya, need a visa too?

If you travel with your kids, you need to make an application for them too.

Example of a Kenya eVisa:

Fill me in

Which vaccinations do I need to put before the trip?

One of the most common is the ''Yellow Fever Vaccination'', but there are more vaccinations that may be also required. Please find more info on this link.

How can I contact iVisa?

If you want to get personalized attention from us, please enter here and start a live chat with us. For more FAQs click here.

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