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iVisa | Updated on Oct 03, 2022

If you're a Swedish citizen, and you plan to travel to Kenya for tourism purposes, you don't have to go to the nearest Kenyan embassy to get a visa. You qualify to apply for a Kenyan eVisa now, and iVisa is ready to help you with the online application process so you can get your document in 2 Business Days.

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Frequently Asked Questions / FAQs

Sweden nationals need a visa for Kenya?

Sweden is one of the nationalities that are part of the eligible group of countries that can apply for an online Kenyan eVisa. So, yes you require a visa before flying to Kenya.

Why is called eVisa?

The term eVisa basically means that it is an electronic visa. Your nationality has the opportunity of getting this visa in less time and without visiting an Embassy, because all the process and obtention of the eVisa is online.

How many days can I stay in Kenya with the eVisa?

Sweden can stay in Kenya for 90 days in Total.

What do I need to bring if I want an eVisa?

You need to gather a few documents and pieces of information that are essential for a successful application process. However, you'll realize that you have no reason for concern. Here is the list of requirements:

  • Minors Passport Bio Data Page (if applicable)

  • Applicant's Photo

  • Passport Cover

  • Passport Scan

  • Proof of Accommodation (if applicable)

  • Invitation Letter (if applicable)

  • Host's ID (if applicable)

  • Hospital Letter (if applicable)

  • Appointment letter from Kenyan hospital (if applicable)

  • Organization's Certificate of Registration in the justice authority (if applicable)

  • Employment Proof (if applicable)

  • Previous Visas Last Year (if applicable)

Get a payment method that you can use online, otherwise we wouldn't be able to process your visa. Credit/debit cards and Paypal are accepted. The email address has to be one you use frequently, because there we will send you all the updates of your visa.

How much money does it cost the eVisa?

We provide you three alternatives so you can see which one suits better for your necessities:

  • Standard Processing Time (6 Business Days) - USD $74.19.
  • Rush Processing Time (4 Business Days) -USD $90.19.
  • Super Rush Processing Time (2 Business Days) - USD $102.19.

Do I need to invest a lot of my time for the application?

No, you don't. Just 20 minutes are enough to complete your form.

How does the processing works?

After you put together the requirements, there is one more thing you have to do, and that is the application form. Remember that if you experience any difficulties during the process and you need some help, our colleagues are at your disposal 24/7 to attend you.

Our form is composed of three stages:

  1. During section number one, all you have to do is to provide your personal data and choose a processing time for the application.

  2. The second stage asks you to insert your payment details and review the information in your form so there are no mistakes. Wrong information leads to an invalid visa, and in that case, you'd have to repeat the process.

  3. In the final stage, we give you instructions on how to send us the documentation. After you do that, your part is ready. iVisa handles the rest and all you have to do is wait for your eVisa.

If you're ready to start your online application form, then click here.

Do I have a maximum number of entries?

Yes, you do. The Kenya eVisa allows you just one Single Entry.

Minors need a visa to enter Kenya too?

All Sweden citizens, require an eVisa to enter Kenya legally, even minors.

Can I apply for my family or friends?

Yes, you can apply for them, but remember that they must be from Sweden or at least from a country that has this visa available. If that's the case, all you need is their documents to begin the online application form.

Are you a reliable service of visas?

Yes, we are. Our website cares about you and the processing of your eVisa. We have a good database which secures your information so then it will not expand in the Internet. In case you want to know more about us and our services, please click this button. Also, look for the happy comments we receive from our customers.

How can I get informed of the other visas?

Please visit our website and get in touch with one of our customer service representatives. Also find here more asked questions of other visas we offer.

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