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Transit Visa for Kenya Duration Information

Transit Visa for Kenya Duration Information
iVisa | Updated on Dec 27, 2022

What is the duration of time you can stay in Kenya if you are not a citizen?

First off, transit visas are temporary visas that allow passersthrough to explore a country for a short period of time during international transit. One is not required if you are simply waiting on a connecting trip and do not plan on leaving your port of arrival.


If you are simply passing through Kenya on your way to another country, you will not need a Kenya transit visa unless you are want to leave the airport. Even if you do decide to leave the airport, transit visas are only valid for 72 hours for Kenyan visitors. Anything longer than that duration will require an eVisa.

Here’s the great part. You already have a trusted private service provider that you will want to use in the future for your Kenya transit visa needs. iVisa.

Those seeking a Kenya transit visa from their country can check out our Visa Checker Tool in the future. For now, iVisa offers convenient eVisas for Kenya visitors. The eVisa allows you to explore Kenya for up to three months.

Requirements for Kenya Visas

It has never been easier to apply for and receive an eVisa or Kenya transit visa than it is in today’s world.

iVisa deletes the need to go in person to an embassy or consulate. Instead, you can apply for your Kenya eVisas right from the comfort of your own home online or on the go from your mobile phone. Additionally, as long as you meet the requirements, you will get fast approval and delivery as we act on your behalf as trusted consultants to consulates around the world, including Kenya.

So, to apply for an eVisa and for future Kenya transit visas, you will need:

  • Valid country passport: You will need to scan and submit a copy of your passport bio during the easy application process. It must be valid for at least another 6 months after your arrival date in Kenya.
  • Photograph - A current passport photo is needed to process your visa application.
  • Onward ticket - You will have these from your check-in process and will need to show to officials in Kenya so they know you are only passing through with your Kenya transit visa.
  • Email address - You must have an email address since this is the way iVisa sends you your eVisa or transit visa.
  • Current payment method - We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal. Whichever form of payment you choose, we promise to keep your information secure.

These basic components combined with our highly-favored services will provide you with the fastest and most convenient visa experience you will ever have.

No matter the duration of your stay in-transit through Kenya, don’t worry! Chat with an agent today by clicking on the chat bubble in the lower right corner if you have questions. For all of your future Kenya transit visa needs, you will be able to rely on iVisa’s dedication to excellence and fast processing.

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