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Kyrgyzstan visa for the citizens of India

Kyrgyzstan visa for the citizens of India
iVisa | Updated on Dec 14, 2018

India is one of the many countries whose citizens are eligible for a Kyrgyzstan e-visa, which means that as an Indian citizen, you are no longer required to pay a visit to the nearest diplomatic mission to apply for your travel document. Instead, you can apply online, and iVisa can facilitate the process for you.

What are the requirements?

iVisa may be the one that handles the bureaucracy and makes the process easier for you, but you still need to do your part. However, that involves very little effort. In fact, all that you are required to do is to provide some information and some documents. They are as follows:

  • Valid passport – all applicants must have a valid passport to apply for a Kyrgyzstan visa. Moreover, the passport needs to maintain its validity for at least another 6 months after your visa expires.

  • E-mail address – iVisa delivers the travel document via e-mail in PDF format. You need to provide an e-mail address to which you have access.

  • Means of online payment – since you need to make the payment during the application process, you need a method payment that allows you to pay online. A credit or debit card will do, but iVisa also accepts PayPal, Alipay, and WeChat.

  • Invitation letter – this requirement applies only to Indian citizens who travel to Kyrgyzstan for business purposes and apply for a Kyrgyzstan Business e-visa. The letter must come from an organization registered in Kyrgyzstan, and it must contain the name of the company, the contact information, and the registration number.

Kyrgyzstan visa for the citizens of India – the application form

If you notice that you have everything you need, you can proceed and fill in the application form. You do not have to worry about it since the form designed by iVisa is nothing like a government form. Instead, it is short and straightforward. You should be done with the whole thing in no more than 20 minutes. In case you find some obstacles along the way, which is not very likely, iVisa has a fantastic support service that is ready to take your call 24/7.

The application form consists of three steps. The first step covers the basic information and the processing time. As for the latter, you need to remember that your choice determines the cost of your Kyrgyzstan visa. Your options are as follows:

  • Standard processing time – this is the cheapest and slowest option you can select. Your application is processed within 3 business days, and you must pay a fee of $76.20.

  • Rush processing time – this time, your Kyrgyzstan e-visa arrives within 2 business days, and you must pay $106.20.

  • Super Rush processing time – if you need to be on the plane to Kyrgyzstan the next day, you want to choose this processing time. It takes 1 business day for your application to be processed, but you will be charged $141.20.

The fees above are for a Kyrgyzstan Tourist e-visa. The Kyrgyzstan Business e-visa is $96.80, $126.80, and $161.80 respectively for each of the processing times mentioned above.

Step number two is about payment and revision. Before moving on to the next step, you need to review your form and make sure it does not contain any errors. Corrections are impossible to make if your application reaches the processing phase. Keep in mind that even a small mistake can invalidate your visa, and you would be required to repeat the process.

Step number three is about documents upload. iVisa will ask you to provide a few documents such as a passport scan. Additional documents may be necessary, depending on your personal circumstances, but iVisa will let you know. After you are done with this step, just hit the submit button and wait for your visa.

The bottom line is that a Kyrgyzstan visa for the citizens of India is easy to obtain. The document is valid for 90 days since issue, and you can stay in Kyrgyzstan for up to 90 days. You are granted multiple entries.

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