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Have you ever got a chance to visit caves and waterfalls in Laos? If not, plan your trip now to see a rare view of waterfalls and caves in Laos that you cannot see anywhere in the world. One of the most spectacular waterfalls in the country is the flowing water at the Kuang Si waterfalls in Luang Prabang. When you visit this place, you can see the beautiful scenery of water flowing down three tiers to a 50-meter drop. Beneath this waterfall, there are a series of pools that can be utilized for swimming or just laying down to get a splendid view of grand falls. Many ground huts are also built there for changing clothes so you can enjoy to the fullest at this location. You can also visit Pak Ou natural caves that are located near this waterfall. To have an experience of this unique destination, you will need a Laos tourist eVisa to enter this country.

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Still have doubts about the procedure and cost of the document, check FAQs given below:


What is Laos tourist eVisa?

Laos tourist eVisa is a mandatory travel document that provides authorization to all visitors traveling to Laos from other parts of the world. This is an electronic document for which you have to apply online. Applying for this document is very simple when you get assistance with as we know the whole procedure and you will have to give us your personal information so that we can apply on your behalf.

Which documents are required for the application of Laos eVisa?

You will be required to submit the following documents for your Laos eVisa application:

  • A valid passport with a validity of at least six months upon arrival
  • Your travel itinerary
  • Information about your accommodation
  • Payment alternatives like a debit/credit card or PayPal account

What is the processing time for the Laos eVisa procedure?

The procedure of Laos eVisa completely depends upon your requirement. When you associate with for your eVisa, we will provide you with three processing time alternatives. You can select an alternative that suits you best based on your requirement. Below is the detail of three alternatives for processing time for eVisa procedure:

  • Standard Processing Time Alternative: when you choose this alternative, you will get your e-visa ready in 7 Business Days.
  • Rush Processing Time Alternative: with the utilization of this processing time, you will get your eVisa in 5 Business Days, a little bit earlier than the standard one.
  • Super Rush Processing Time Alternative: if you need your eVisa urgently, you must choose this alternative as with this option, you will get your travel document in just 3 Business Days.

How many entries will be allowed with Laos eVisa?

When you get approval for your travel document, you will be able to enter Laos for only one time as this eVisa is valid for a Single Entry.

For how long Laos tourist eVisa is valid?

When you receive approved Laos tourist eVisa, you will get a validity of around 60 days after issued. You will be required to enter and stay in Laos before this validity ends.

Can I find it secure to utilize services to apply for Laos tourist eVisa?

Yes, you can definitely use our amazing services to apply for a Laos tourist eVisa. Our services are completely safe and transparent as we use advanced security systems to protect the data of our customers.

I have some unresolved queries. Where should I go?

If you have more unresolved queries, you can check our webpage and get more info about the cost and processing time of Laos eVisa.

Get your eVisa now and make new memories with your loved ones in Laos.

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