Laos eVisa for the citizens of Australia
iVisa | Updated on Jun 22, 2021

The Laos eVisa for the citizens of Australia is a mandatory document for the citizens of Australia to visit Laos. You will not be allowed to visit the country if you do not have an approved eVisa. So if you are planning to visit the country, apply now.

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The best option to make an application for eVisa is The site is very well made and is very easy to use because of its simple user interface. The site is no less in terms of security as it never retains any information. So you can head straight to the site to make your application in easy and simple steps that too without any hassle.

What is the process to get eVisa to visit Laos?

  • Head to
  • Get the application form for eVisa from the site.
  • Once you have the form, start filling it
  • Do not apply any inaccurate information as it can lead to your visa application getting rejected.
  • To avoid mistakes, fill the form carefully and also recheck it.
  • Attach the supporting documents and submit the form
  • would send you your visa by mail once it gets approved.

Why is it better to apply in advance?

If you are to make an application for Laos eVisa for the citizens of Australia then it would be best to apply at least 2 WEEKS before the date you are supposed to travel. This is because the processing of the eVisa can take up to 7 DAYS. So to make sure that you have an approved visa on the date of your trip, apply in advance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Laos eVisa be used at any point of entry in Laos?

Laos eVisa for the citizens of Australia can allow you to enter from the following points:

  • Wattay International Airport
  • Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge

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What are the processing categories for eVisa?

  • Standard Processing costs USD $125.99 and takes 7 Business Days to process the visa
  • Rush Processing costs 96.58 USD and takes 5 DAYS for processing the application.
  • Super Rush Processing costs 116.58 USD and takes 3 DAYS.

What do I need for the application?

  • Your passport with 6 MONTH validity.
  • A recent passport-sized picture of you in digital format.
  • Your travel itinerary.
  • To pay for the processing of application you will require PayPal or credit or debit card.

Can I use the eVisa more than once?

Laos eVisa for the citizens of Australia would allow you entry in Laos only once. This is because of the eVisa being a single entry visa. To be able to visit the country again, you will have to apply again.

For how long does the eVisa remain valid?

An approved Laos eVisa for the citizens of Australia would remain valid for 60 days after issued. You should keep this in mind while making your application so that you can plan your trip accordingly.

Is it safe to use

If you are about to apply for Laos eVisa for the citizens of Australiaon then you should know that the site is safe for any application. The site believes in maintaining the privacy of its users and that is why the site has taken necessary measures to ensure the same. The site never stores any information so you can safely apply.

Where to get more information?

While applying for Laos eVisa for the citizens of Australia you can have some doubts for which you would also require some additional information. In case this happens, you can easily get in touch with the customer support service of and receive any assistance that you might require. Recommends recommends you not to miss the Bolaven Plateau and Tad Fane Waterfall whenever you visit Laos. If you truly wish to witness the natural beauty of the country then both of these places are a great option for you. Both of these places are located in the southern part of the country.

The plateau is perfect for all the trekking enthusiasts so you can also trek through the plateau and once you are done doing so, you can also enjoy some peaceful moments near the waterfall. The entire place is a work of nature and has nearby ethnic villages that you can also explore. Get Laos eVisa for the citizens of Australia to explore the place today with

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