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Laos eVisa for the citizens of Canada

iVisa | Updated on Jun 23, 2022

If you are a citizen of Canada and are about to visit Laos then you will need Laos eVisa for the citizens of Canada. What you must know about an eVisa is the fact that an eVisa is an electronic visa and the entire process for obtaining it is electronic.

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If you wish to apply for an eVisa for Laos then you can do so on iVisa.com. All you need for this is some basic documents and some information about yourself. You can fill the online application form by entering all of this information. Once you have completed and submitted the form, you will get your visa approved soon. The process is very simple and if you wish to learn more about it then you can continue reading ahead.

How to get an eVisa?

  • Visit iVisa.com.
  • Get the application form from there.
  • Once you have the form, fill it.
  • Fill in the correct details.
  • Recheck to avoid errors.
  • Attach the required documents and submit your application form.
  • iVisa.com would then have experts to review your application.
  • Once your application gets approved, your visa will be sent to you by mail.

Why should I make my application in advance?

You should apply in advance for the Laos eVisa for the citizens of Canada because then you will have sufficient time to carefully submit your application and have the maximum chances of it getting approved. If you apply at the 11th hour then the chances of errors increase which might result in your application being rejected.

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Frequently Asked Questions

From where can I enter Laos with an eVisa?

Laos eVisa for the citizens of Canada can help you enter from the following entry points:

  • Wattay International Airport
  • Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge

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How long would it take to process the eVisa?

  • Standard Processing costs USD $114.99 and takes 7 Business Days to process the visa.
  • Rush Processing costs 115.21 USD and takes 5 DAYS for processing the application.
  • Super Rush Processing costs 135.21 USD and takes 3 DAYS.

What to do if I need more information?

For more information on Laos eVisa for the citizens of Canada contact the customer support service of iVisa.com. The service function 24/7 and can assist you by working to the best of their abilities to resolve any issue that you might have.

Is it safe to use iVisa.com?

If you wish to apply for Laos eVisa for the citizens of Canada then iVisa.com is just the right place to do so. iVisa.com never stores any information and uses the right practices to ensure that the site remains safe for being used.

What is the validity of an eVisa?

Laos eVisa for the citizens of Canada would remain valid for 60 days after issued of the application. After the completion of this period, the visa would expire.

Can eVisa be used multiple times?

Laos eVisa for the citizens of Canada can never be used more than once. An approved eVisa would allow your entry into the country only once. After which you will have to make an application for the eVisa again to visit in the future.

What do I require to apply?

  • Your passport
  • A passport size photo in digital format.
  • Details of your trip.
  • PayPal or credit or debit card for paying for the processing of application.

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