What is the cost of a Laos Visa?

What is the cost of a Laos Visa?

iVisa | Updated on Jul 01, 2022

As you may have already found out, you need to obtain a visa if you want to travel to Laos. Of course, that does not apply if you are visa exempt. Only 15 nationalities are, so your chances are not that great. However, according to Laos’s visa policy, almost all nationalities can obtain a visa online as long as their trip to Laos for tourism purposes. To find out whether or not you qualify for one, you can use iVisa’s Visa Checker tool. Just insert your nationality and select Laos as your destination. The information you need is only 2 clicks away.


Now, you may be interested in the cost of a Laos eVisa. What we can tell you from the start is that the price is worth the lack of trouble. After all, when you apply online for a visa you do not have to go to an embassy, you do not have to mail your passport, and you can fill in the application at any hour of day or night.

Nevertheless, you should know that when you apply for a Laos eVisa using iVisa’s services, the cost is not fixed. It varies depending on the processing time you select for your application. iVisa provides you three options so that you can pick the one that best works for you. They are as follows:

  • Standard processing – you wait 7 Business Days for your Laos eVisa to arrive, and you are charged only USD 79.49
  • Rush processing – it takes 5 Business Days for your application to be processed, and you have to pay USD 141.99
  • Super Rush processing – your travel document arrives in just 3 Business Days, but as you can imagine. The cost is a little higher. You are charged USD 183.99

Now, you have to understand that the cost of a Laos eVisa stays the same in all three cases. Only the service fees perceived by iVisa increases along with the speed of your processing. After all, there is more work to be done when you need your travel document as soon as possible.

You will be happy to learn that iVisa does not practice hidden charges or surcharges. The amount that is displayed on the screen when you apply is the one that will also appear on your bank statement.

As for the moment when you are asked to make the payment for a Laos eVisa, you will have to insert your payment details during the second step of the application process. iVisa is pretty flexible when it comes to the method. While most people pay using a credit or a debit card, you should know that iVisa also accepts PayPal, Alipay, as well as WeChat. That way, you can use the means that is most convenient for you at the moment of your application.

Now, whether you find the cost of a Laos eVisa low or high, it is entirely up to you. But you should know that iVisa has and always will practice competitive prices so that you can have your travel document at an affordable rate. If you have more questions about the Laos visa cost, do not hesitate to contact iVisa’s customer support. It is available 24/7 and entirely free of charge.

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