Latvia ETIAS for citizens of Grenada

Latvia ETIAS for citizens of Grenada

iVisa | Updated on Jan 14, 2021

Latvia is famous for its cheese and fine cuisine. Riga receives thousands of visitors every year who flock to this Baltic country to see the architecture which the capital of Latvia is so well recognized for.

Citizens of Grenada are sure to continue visiting this cool country in future years, especially now that this part of Europe is opening up again. At the moment, in order to visit Latvia, Grenada readers can simply turn up from the airport and present their passport to be allowed to fly.

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As of 2022, a Latvia ETIAS for citizens of Grenada will be essential in order to visit the country. Security issues and the rise of illegal immigration have led Schengen leaders to introduce this measure in an attempt to control who arrives at the borders of this gigantic landmass. Free trips within Europe are automatically granted to all citizens of the Schengen Economic Area, however, soon tourists from a specific list of countries will have to complete the Latvia ETIAS in order to enter.

If you want to travel to Latvia from Grenada after 2022, you must be prepared to apply for this document before leaving, as you will not be able to enter without it once it comes into force. Discover everything you need to know with this helpful article to get your trip to Latvia to get off to a smooth start

Frequently Asked Questions

What can you tell me about the ETIAS?

This acronym represents European Travel Information and Authorization System and that's basically what it is. An authorization system that produces a quick evaluation using an applicant's personal data by checking them against multiple databases. This will increase the feeling of safety for the inhabitants of each country and prevent criminal or illegal immigration acts among visitors. The idea is that real tourists and business workers will continue to enjoy entry into the Schengen area, and the region will be overall more secure.

What places of interest can I visit in Latvia?

Families will love Latvia because it is the perfect place to enjoy good cuisine, architecture, beaches, and natural parks. There are amazing museums filled with local treasures and tales that you can visit all year round too, like the Zanis Lipke Memorial museum or the Rundale Palace Museum.

Can children apply for an ETIAS?

All travelers, including children and seniors in Grenada, will have to present an ETIAS travel authorization upon arrival in Latvia to be allowed entry once the program begins in 2022. It is not possible for children to travel with their parents' passports, so they must have their own and also apply for an ETIAS using their valid passport number.

Applicants will notice a section of the form where parents and guardians can indicate that they are completing it for a young person. If you have any questions about applying for your child's visa, talk to one of the helpful team members at the 24/7 chat feature on the website.

How long does ETIAS authorization last?

If approved, the ETIAS may have a maximum validity of 3 years or a minimum validity of the duration of your holiday. It only lasts until the end of the validity of the travel document registered during the application, because once your passport expires your ETIAS also does. Whether you will get the maximum validity period or the minimum depends on the system's risk assessment of your information. Get your Latvia ETIAS for citizens of Grenada in just a few simple steps at

What is the price to apply?

The ETIAS is not expected to put a dent in your bank balance. We want to give you the most accurate and official information, but since the price has not yet been officially announced we cannot give you an exact total. It is rumored that it will total around 7 euros for each application.

We also suspect that the price will only be for adults over 18 years old, which means that children go for free.

How long do you expect the ETIAS process to take? offers 3 processing speeds so you're covered even if your trip is coming up in the next 24 hours. The options for processing times are as follows:

Standard processing: This speed is perfect for planners who are in no hurry and want the lowest price. Urgent processing: When your flight is this week, it's time to move quickly with Rush processing, but you'll have to pay more. Super Rush Processing: If you just remembered to request your document and your flight is later today, then choose this one, but be prepared to pay the highest charge.

You can pay the fee by debit or credit card, as well as PayPal. Immediately after completing the payment, the ETIAS authorization will begin processing.

Could my ETIAS authorization be denied?

Within the processing time selected for your document, you will get a reply email about the status of your ETIAS. If approved, congratulations- it’s time to start packing for your trip! If not, you will receive a denial message. In the email, you will also find a reason as to why the authorization was denied. You can appeal this decision or depending on the reason for refusal, you can adjust your answer and apply again. This is recommended if the reason for the refusal is a typo or error when uploading documents.

Is it safe to use the

When applying for travel documents and visas, we know that users want to feel confident that their paperwork is in the right hands. We use high-quality protection software to carefully protect our platform with the best security to keep your data safe. That's why our chat feature is available day and night for any questions, issues, or concerns you come up with. You can also read some of our happy customer’s comments to learn more about the company.

Where can I read more information?

To learn more about the Latvia ETIAS for citizens of Grenada click on the website for more information, tips, and updates. Stay on top of all the latest travel developments from around the world, or talk to one of our team members, who are on hand to respond to all your doubts chat feature.

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