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Lebanon has allowed all visitors to visit the country with some preventive measures. One of the famous attractions of Lebanon is the famous boardwalk region the Corniche that expands around five km along Beirut’s shoreline. It is a gorgeous picnic spot for couples, families, or solo travelers. You can also find a large number of popular eateries for having amazing Lebanese food. Also, you can visit the Luna Amusement Park located near this place to try pole fishing. Visiting this place from another country, you need to apply for a Health Declaration Form before your trip.

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Along with this Health Declaration Form, you must know about Lebanon Covid-19 health insurance requirements before your travel date. As per this Lebanon Covid-19 health insurance requirements, you must have health insurance prior to your trip so that you can enter the country easily. To know more about all this and apply for the document, you can contact and get your document in a jiffy.

You can check the following information to know more about the Lebanon Covid-19 health insurance requirements and other details:

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Health Declaration Form required for visiting Lebanon during Covid-19?

As per the latest announcement made by the Lebanese Ministry, it is mandatory for every traveler coming from other countries to apply for a Health Declaration Form to enter the country. Also, you need to have an understanding of Lebanon Covid-19 health insurance requirements to get perfect health insurance before your travel date.

What are other requirements for entering Lebanon during this pandemic?

You need to get a negative test report for Covid-19 before traveling to Lebanon as you have to present the approved Health Declaration Form and the negative PCR test report for Covid-19 after arriving in the country. This test must be performed within 96 hours of travel. Additionally, every visitor must have to quarantine themselves for ten days after entering the country.

Do I need a COVID vaccine or vaccination certificate to enter Lebanon?

No, you don't. As of today, COVID vaccination passports or certificates are not a mandatory to enter Lebanon. Now if you are a Covid vaccine certificate holder, you won't need to follow a quarantine. Since information may change quickly, we advise you to follow up on the latest Lebanon travel updates and/or contact your local embassy.

Will I need to quarantine when I arrive in Lebanon?

That depends. If you belong to one of the following groups, you are exempt from any quarantine requirement:

  • Passengers who can show documents that prove they have been tested positive COVID19 more than 15 days ago and who have a new negative PCR test that was taken within 72 hours prior to departure for Lebanon.
  • Passengers who have received the COVID-19 vaccine and who have a medical report certifying this. However, these passengers must still undergo a PCR test upon arrival at the airport in Lebanon.

Be aware that these exemptions do not apply to anyone arriving from Iraq, Syria, Turkey, or any African country. All travelers from these places must complete a quarantine of 48 hours starting from the date of their arrival in Lebanon until they are given information on the result of the PCR test performed at BRHIA.

Finally, for travelers who do not fit into any of the above-mentioned categories, you may choose between these two options:

  • Take the PCR test again, carried out in the countries of departure, no later than 72 hours after their arrival in Lebanon and at their own expense.
  • Quarantine at home or in a hotel for a period of 10 days from the date of their arrival in Lebanon.

Can I get some information about the processing time and cost for the application of the Health Declaration Form?

Yes, you can get an idea about the processing time and cost for the application of the Health Declaration Form when you associate with We cannot provide you with the exact detail of the processing cost and time as this is a newly developed document. You can go through the below details for a better understanding of the three options for the processing time that we offer:

  • Standard Processing Time: Get your document in a few days (24 hours) at a budget-friendly cost (USD 20.00).
  • Rush Processing Time: Obtain your document a bit early (4 hours) at a bit expensive cost (USD 35.00).
  • Super Rush Processing Time: Receive your document in the minimal possible time (30 minutes) for the most expensive cost (USD 60.00).

What is the procedure to apply for a Health Declaration Form?

Since obtaining Health Declaration Form for entering Lebanon is an online procedure and when you apply with, you have to follow a very simple procedure. This procedure completes in only three easy steps that are:

  • First, you need to go to our website and fill out an application form with the required information.
  • Second, you need to recheck the information you have provided in the form to avoid any errors.
  • Third, you need to upload the documents and submit the form after paying the processing fee.

What are the essential documents for the application of the Health Declaration Form?

Associating with allows you to get the document with a few documents only. The essential documents for obtaining the Health Declaration Form that you must have are:

  • A passport with at least six months of validity from the date of your departure and its scanned copy.
  • An email address for providing your document via email.
  • Mode of payments like a credit/debit card or a PayPal account for payment.

How can I believe in

As we utilize advanced systems for security and only authorized professionals can access it, you can believe in our services for obtaining travel-related documents like Health Declaration Form for entering Lebanon during this pandemic.

How can I resolve all my queries?

If you have more queries regarding the Health Declaration Form, you can visit our website or contact our customer care executives and get more info.

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