Lesotho e-Visa for Citizens of Turkey

Lesotho e-Visa for Citizens of Turkey

iVisa | Updated on Oct 17, 2021

Whether you want to see the beautiful landscapes or visit friends and family, Lesotho is an excellent place to visit. Besides, the Lesotho e-Visa is easy to obtain online for citizens of Turkey.

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Simply fill out the e-Visa application, and then pack your bags! No need to waste time going to the embassy or consulate. The visa application for Lesotho can be completed entirely online with iVisa.com.

In the following article, you will learn all the details related to the Lesotho e-Visa for Citizens of Turkey.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the requirements to apply for the Lesotho e-Visa for Citizens of Turkey?

Before filling out the Lesotho e-Visa application, go ahead and get the following documents ready:

  • Valid Passport: You must have a valid passport and bring it with you upon entry into Lesotho. You’ll need to provide a digital scan of the data page for the application.
  • Current Photo: You will need to provide a current passport-sized photo of yourself during the application process.
  • Onward Travel Ticket: You will need to provide documentation of your onward ticket from Lesotho.
  • Accommodation Details or Invitation Letter: You must provide information about where you will be staying while in Lesotho.
  • Yellow Fever Vaccine Certificate: You will need to verify that you have been vaccinated for the Yellow Fever Virus, as certain regions of Africa pose a higher risk for contracting the virus.
  • Payment: To pay for your application, be sure to have a valid credit or debit card ready.

Bring all documentation with you when you are traveling to ensure a smooth entry into the country.

How long does it take to apply for this visa and what is its cost?

For travelers from Turkey, there are three different processing times to suit your needs. Each of them has different prices.

These are:

  • Standard Processing: 11 days - USD 200.00.
  • Rush Processing: 9 days - USD 200.00.
  • Super Rush Processing: 7 days - USD 200.00.

How can I apply for this eVisa?

Thanks to iVisa.com, the Lesotho e-Visa for Citizens of Turkey is simpler to get now than it was before. To apply for this travel item, you only have to follow these basic steps:

  • Firstly, complete the online application form with your private information and select the processing speed.
  • Secondly, review all the information you gave in step one and pay for the fees.
  • Thirdly, attach the items or documents required and click on ‘Submit’ once you are ready.

Once you finish these steps, wait for the corresponding e-Visa by email inbox! It is as simple as you read it here!

See more info about the Lesotho e-Visa for Citizens of Turkey below.

How long can I stay in Lesotho?

The maximum stay in Lesotho for citizens of Turkey with an e-Visa is 30 days Per Entry.

Is iVisa.com safe?

Applying for your eVisa with our services won’t be dangerous at all. We have a reliable team and an up-to-date platform. Plus, our payment platform is automatic, so we will not hold your payment details at any time.

Where can I read more about the Lesotho e-Visa for Citizens of Turkey?

You can reach out to our customer support agents or simply continue reading the other FAQs on our website.

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Lesotho is a high-altitude landlocked kingdom surrounded by South Africa. It is also crisscrossed by a network of rivers and mountain ranges, including the 3,482-meter-high summit of Thabana Ntlenyana. This country is home to the Thaba Bosiu plateau near the capital city, Maseru. The Thaba Bosiu is a land full of ruins dating from the 19th-century Moshoeshoe I kingdom. Thaba Bosiu gazes down at the iconic Mount Qiloane, an imperishable symbol of the country's Basotho people.

But, as you can guess, that’s not all that you can enjoy in this African country. One thing you should know about this nation is that it is essentially an alpine territory, so you will find a lot of villagers on horseback every day.

Hiking and trekking are the two most popular outdoor activities here, especially with all the beauty that Lesotho’s scenery has. Besides, the 1000m-high lands offer art shopping and amazing art craft sights, so it should be on your list if you plan to visit this country soon.

However, we also recommend you to take a trip to the southern, central, and northern highlands.