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The Macao Health Code is a required health document wherein travelers entering Macao must declare their health condition. It was launched by the Macao SAR Government as an effort to stem COVID-19 spread in the community. The Health Code works as a system that classifies the traveler’s health status in different colors: red, yellow, and green.

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All travelers who want to enter Macao need to obtain this document, which will issue the holder with a color. Travelers with a green code will be allowed to enter Macao without quarantine. Foreign travelers with a red code will be denied entry and Macao residents with a red code will be transferred to a public hospital on arrival.

All visitors must complete a form with their personal information and answer questions about symptoms, COVID-19-patient contact history, and their travel history within the past 21 days.

All travelers, except those coming from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, are required to present a pre-departure test (PCR) within 48 hours before arrival.

Quarantine is no longer required.

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Once you submit your online form, we’ll send the Macao Health Code to your email prior to your trip so you can show it to the immigration officials when you get to the airport. As part of your document, you’ll receive a QR code that you need to show to the authorities at the port of entry.

Required Documents to Apply
  • None

Important Instructions
  • Travelers must have their passport with at least 6-months validity from the date of arrival.

  • Macao Health Code allows applicants a Single Entry in Macao and visitor can remain in the country for up to 14 days Per Entry.

  • Macao Health Code asks applicants three things: symptoms, Covid-19 patient contact history and travel history. The new code consists of three colors: red, yellow and green.

  • Possession of a Macao Health Code does not provide automatic right of entry for the holder into the country. The Immigration Officer at the port of entry may refuse entry to any person, if he considers that such a person is unable to fulfill the immigration requirements or that such person's presence in Macao would be contrary to national interests or security.

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If you cannot complete your Macao Health Code application due to an error, please contact our customer service team immediately. Our visa experts are available 24/7 and will gladly help you resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Our iVisa experts review all Macao Health Code documentation and applications to help you avoid rejections. However, if your application is rejected due to errors spotted by government officials, iVisa will refund the iVisa processing fee.

Note: Government fees will not be refunded.

You may reapply for a Macao Health Code if your application was canceled or rejected.

Yes, all travelers arriving in Macao, including those transiting through the country, must obtain a Health Code.

You should submit your application as soon as you receive your test report. Macao authorities suggest preparing all the required documents so you can apply for your Health Code as quickly as possible.

The exact time to apply depends on when your flight departs. For instance, if your flight leaves after midnight or in the morning, you should apply before 8 pm the day before. If you leave at other times, apply at least five hours before your flight.

To correct any mistakes made when applying for your Macao Health Code, please get in touch with our customer service team immediately. Our experts are available 24/7 and are willing to help you resolve your issue.
Children under 5 years old must apply for a Macao Health Code and provide a negative PCR test taken two days before their flight.