Madagascar Visa for Kenya citizens

iVisa | Updated on Apr 20, 2022

All citizens of Kenya willing to travel to Madagascar, should apply for a Madagascar visa for citizens of Kenya prior to their arrival. Once you receive this approved document via email, you will be granted a 30-day Single Entry Visa to stay in the country.


What makes Madagascar so unique is the natural diversity that this relatively ‘new’ territory retains. The thousands of plants and animals that can solely be found here, are why Madagascar is also known as the ‘eighth continent.’ In addition, the impact of a belated settlement by humans allows the wilderness of this territory to preserve its social manners, traditions,and architecture to their finest and enrich this land even more.

On September 3rd, 2021, the state of health emergency was lifted, so the borders of Madagascar are no longer closed to all international travelers. However the CDC still advises against all but essential travel to Tanzania, and all preventive measures should be complied with. If you’re from Kenya and wish to travel to Madagascar, apply for a Madagascar visa for citizens of Kenya before your departure.

Fill in our online form and apply now for your Madagascar visa for citizens of Kenya on, save time and avoid endless bureaucratic procedures and queues, get your e-visa directly via e-mail and get ready to travel!

COVID-19 Traveling FAQs

1. Is vaccination required to enter the country?

A COVID-19 vaccination is recommendable but not mandatory to enter Madagascar.

2. Is a PCR Test required to enter the country?

Yes, to enter the country, it is asked to show a valid and ‘negative’ PCR test, taken within 92 hours from flight departure to Madagascar (for all passengers aged 5 or above).

3. Is quarantine required upon arrival to the country?

No, there is no quarantine requirement to enter Madagascar for citizens of Kenya.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why apply for Madagascar visa for citizens of Kenya?

Any citizen of Kenya traveling to Madagascar is required to obtain a visa before his/her arrival. This will grant a 90-day Single Entry Visa, valid for up to 1 year from its issue date. Keep it and your passport with you at all times when traveling.

What are the e-visa fees and processing times?

There are two (2) different options to apply for a Madagascar visa for citizens of Kenya:

  • Standard Processing: Received within 7 days - USD $48.99.
  • Rush Processing: Received within 4 days - USD $89.99.
  • Rush Processing: Received within 2 days - USD $138.99.

What documents do I need to apply for my Madagascar visa for citizens of Kenya?

  • Your passport scan, with at least 6 months validity from when you’re planning on entering Madagascar.
  • Travel ticket.
  • Yellow Fever Certificate.
  • Invitation letter or accommodation details about your stay.
  • A selfie with the physical credit card used for the online payment. Only the last 4 digits of the card must be visible in the photo. Only one image per order is required to verify the payment.

Can I trust

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Where can I find more information?

For more information visit our website or contact our customer support team 24/7, via chat or email, for more information and use our Visa Checker Tool to find out all requirements for your country of citizenship, anywhere you wish to travel. Recommends

Madagascar is the fourth biggest island globally. The mere pronunciation of this land’s name is enough to evoke images of a tropical country and all its wilderness. As shown in the homonym Pixar cartoon, animals and plants coexist in harmony here, and human presence is scarcer than in many other African countries. Amongst the most impressive natural reserves, visit Morondava, surrounded by sandy beaches and the delta lands of the Andranomena Reserve, here you’ll find an impressive avenue of colossal baobabs along the roadway to Belon’i Tsiribihina nearby, not to be missed!

Visit the coastline and enjoy its tropical beaches, but don’t forget to explore the inland too. Wrapped around rain clouds and mist, venture through the rainforests of the Atsinanana and visit the Zahamena National Park and have fun spotting red owls, serpent eagles, and lemurs. Just to name a few of the species you’ll be lucky to meet! Also, the Tsingy de Bemaraha is definitely worth a visit with its landscape of carved rocks and atop cliffs looking onto the green inland hills, today a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Moreover, to fully soak up the culture of this beautiful country, make sure you don’t forget to stop at Ambohimanga, another UNESCO World Heritage Site, home to the Malagasy national identity.

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