Malawi e-Visa for Citizens of Belarus

Malawi e-Visa for Citizens of Belarus

iVisa | Updated on Feb 04, 2020

Africa is home to some of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. One such country is located in the southeastern part of the continent. Malawi offers its tourists friendly accommodation, unique marketplaces with artisan products made by locals, and the natural beauty of the land.


Holders of a Belarusian passport who desire to visit the country of Malawi are required to first apply for an e-visa. This is a travel document that allows you to enter the country and is accepted at port of entry as well as the Lilongwe International Airport. It is, by, far, the most convenient visa to obtain.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When Should I Submit an Application for the Malawi e-Visa?

At least 5 days before your expected trip to Malawi.

What Documents Will I Need to Submit With the Application?

In order to submit a completed e-visa application, Belarusian Citizens must produce documentation to verify their identity and their intentions in Malawi.

  • A recent photo of the applicant
  • A copy of the applicant's passport details page
  • Evidence of accommodation during your stay in Malawi

Do Children Require e-Visas for Malawi?

Children are not excluded from the requirement of an e-visa. Additionally, these documents will need to be presented with their application:

  • Their birth certificate
  • Their legal guardian's passport page
  • A consent letter

What Is the Processing Time for a Malawian e-Visa?

Citizens of The Republic of Belarus who are holders of a Belarusian passport will have the option of choosing between the following processing speeds:

  • Standard Processing: 8 days
  • Rush Processing: 7 days
  • Super Rush Processing: 5 days

The price of your e-visa is based off of the processing speed you choose.

How Much Does a Malawi e-Visa Cost for Citizens of The Republic of Belarus?

  • Standard Processing Price: USD 77.00
  • Rush Processing Price: USD 102.00
  • Super Rush Processing Price: USD 127.00

How Long is My e-Visa Valid For?

The Malawian e-visa that is provided to Belarusians expires 90 days after issued.

Any expired visas are not considered valid and may not be used for identification purposes.

What Is the Multiple Entry Policy for Belarusian Citizens with an e-Visa?

Belarusian citizens with a Malawian e-visa are permitted a Single Entry.

What is the Max Stay for Belarusian Citizens with a Malawian e-Visa?

The Malawian e-visa is valid for a maximum stay of 30 days Per Entry for Belarusian citizens.

Do I need to Bring My Passport with Me to Malawi?

Yes, you must have your passport. Your passport needs to retain validity for at least six months after your arrival in Malawi. All visitors to Malawi are required to have their passport with them while in Malawi; this includes children and visitors with visa-free access as well as in-transit travelers.

Will I Need a Printed Copy of My Malawian e-Visa when I Travel to Malawi?

No. You are not required to carry a paper version of your e-visa. However, it is a good idea to have a hard copy and a soft copy of your e-visa just in case there are any technology failures.

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