Malawi e-Visa for Citizens of Bhutan

Malawi e-Visa for Citizens of Bhutan

iVisa | Updated on Feb 04, 2020

Malawi is a small part of south-east Africa where the culture is very much alive. Malawi is home to Mulanje Mountain. Mulanje Mountain is also known as "The Misty Mountain." Legend has it that the mist around the mountain is caused by a flying serpent by the name of Napolo.


To discover the magic of this country grounded in its fascinating history, Bhutanese citizens will need to first obtain an e-visa. The e-visa provided to citizens of the Kingdom of Bhutan are valid for a total stay of 30 days Per Entry, leaving you plenty of time to unearth the great mysteries of this small African country. You can begin your application here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I Bring a Printed Copy of my e-Visa with Me When I Travel to Malawi?

While not required, it is highly recommended that you arrive in Malawi with both a hard copy and a soft copy of your e-visa. Technology can be unpredictable and it is better to be safe.

When Should I Submit an Application for the Malawi e-Visa?

Bhutanese visitors should submit their application for a Malawi e-visa at least 5 days before their expected trip to Malawi. Submitting any later could result in your visa not being ready in time for your trip.

How Much Does a Malawi e-Visa Cost for Citizens of Bhutan?

It depends on the processing speed you choose to for your application. All of the prices listed are inclusive of both the price of the actual visa and the service fee for the processing speed.

  • Standard Processing Price: USD 77.00
  • Rush Processing Price: USD 102.00
  • Super Rush Processing Price: USD 127.00

What Is the Processing Time for a Malawian e-Visa?

Citizens of Bhutan will be given three separate options for the processing time of the e-visa application:

  • Standard Processing: 8 days
  • Rush Processing: 7 days
  • Super Rush Processing: 5 days

What Is the Multiple Entry Policy for the e-Visa?

Your e-visa will allow for Single Entry

How Long is My e-Visa Valid For?

The e-visa for Malawi will eventually expire. You will have until 90 days after issued to use your Malawian e-visa.

What is the Max Stay for Bhutanese Citizens with a Malawian e-Visa?

The max stay that is enforced for the Malawi e-visa is 30 days Per Entry.

Do I need to Bring My Passport with Me to Malawi?

Yes, you must have your passport. Your passport needs to retain validity for at least six months after your arrival in Malawi.

Can My e-Visa Have Different Information than My Passport?

No. All of the information that you provide for your e-visa must match your passport's information. If the information is different, you will not be able to use your e-visa to travel to Malawi.

Does Having an e-Visa Guarantee Entry into Malawi?

No. Malawi, per their own visa guidelines, reserves the right to refuse anyone entrance into their country. If you have an e-visa, you can still be refused. Malawi reserves the right to not disclose the reasons for which you are denied.

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