Malawi e-Visa for Citizens of Cambodia

Malawi e-Visa for Citizens of Cambodia

iVisa | Updated on Feb 04, 2020

Malawi has an ancient history that can be traced back 50,000 years. As a result, some of the landscapes of the African country known as the "Warm Heart of Africa" have legends associated with them. Mulanje Mountain, it is fabled, is circled by a flying serpent who creates the mist around the mountain. Thus, the ancient mountain is nicknamed "Mist Mountain." Many of the stories about Malawi have been passed down orally from generation to generation.


In order to visit this country of legend and beauty, citizens of Cambodia need to have an approved e-visa. This will be the first step of your journey into the depths of the Malawian culture! You will also need your passport and you will need to submit your application with sufficient time for it to be processed before you leave for your trip.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I Need a Paper Copy of My e-Visa?

You are not required to keep a paper copy of your e-visa for Malawi. It doesn't hurt to have one, though, in case of technology errors.

When Should I Submit an Application for the Malawi e-Visa?

In order for there to be sufficient time for your e-visa application to be processed, you should submit it 5 days before your trip. This will ensure that your travel is not delayed.

What Is the Processing Time and Cost for a Malawian e-Visa Cambodian Citizens?

  • Standard Processing: Processed in: 8 days Price: USD 77.00
  • Rush Processing: Processed in: 7 days Price: USD 102.00
  • Super Rush Processing: Processed in: 5 days Price: USD 127.00

What Currency Is Accepted for the Malawian e-Visa Application?

United States Dollar (USD) is the only currency that is accepted for the Malawian e-visa application at this time.

How Many Entries are Allowed for citizens of Cambodia with the Malawi e-Visa?

As a citizen of Cambodia, you are approved for a Single Entry.

How Long is My e-Visa Valid For?

The e-visa for the country of Malawi expires 90 days after issued for citizens of Cambodia. Expired e-visas cannot be used as official travel documents. You will need to obtain a new e-visa if yours has expired.

What is the Max Stay allowed for Cambodian Citizens with a Malawian e-Visa?

The longest you are allowed in Malawi as a Cambodian is 30 days Per Entry.

Want to extend your trip? You need to apply with the Malawi embassy.

Can My e-Visa and My Passport Have Different Information?

No. Having contradicting information on your e-visa and your Cambodian passport will result in your e-visa not being accepted as an official travel document. The information must be identical.

Do I Need My Cambodia Passport with Me in Malawi?

Yes, your Cambodia passport is a required document for those traveling to Malawi. Your passport must be valid for a minimum of six months after you arrive in Malawi.

If My Application is Rejected, Will I Get A Refund?

Once your application is processed, you will not be able to receive a refund. Application fees for the Malawi e-visa are nonrefundable.

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