Malawi e-Visa for Citizens of Liberia

Malawi e-Visa for Citizens of Liberia

iVisa | Updated on Feb 04, 2020

In November 2019, the Malawi Immigration Department introduced an electronic visa for foreign nationals. Citizens of Liberia are eligible to obtain an “e-Visa” online. Regardless of the reason for your trip, you can apply for a Malawi e-Visa.


The e-Visa works exactly like a standard visa. The benefit of this program is the convenience it brings to the travel process. And, the application for the Malawi e-Visa only takes minutes to fill out online.

Questions & Answers | The Malawi e-Visa

What does the Malawi e-Visa do?

The Malawi e-Visa allows you to enter Malawi legally. The e-Visa is also electronically linked to your personal passport’s bio information.

What is the entry limit into Malawi as an e-Visa holder?

The e-Visa for Malawi is a Single Entry visa. Single-entry visas mean you can enter one time. If you exit, you will need another visa to get back into Malawi.

What is the expiration date on a Malawi e-Visa?

As a Liberian citizen, you will have 90 days after issued to use your visa before it expires.

What is the processing time for a Malawi e-Visa?

The processing time depends on which speed you select:

  • Standard Processing normally takes about 8 days to approve your application.
  • Rush Processing takes around 7 days to approve your visa application.
  • Super Rush Processing normally takes about 5 days to approve the online application form for travel documents.

What are the differences in cost for a visa?

The price for applying for a visa online is based on your processing speed selection:

  • Standard: With Standard Processing and your visa cost, the total will be USD 77.00.
  • Rush: With Rush Processing and your visa cost, the total will be USD 102.00.
  • Super Rush: With Super Rush Processing and your visa cost, the total will be USD 127.00.

What is the maximum amount of time I can stay in Malawi with a visa?

All visas have a time limitation to keep people from trying to stay in the country permanently. Make sure to plan your trip accordingly so you leave before your last day.

The maximum stay with this specific visa is 30 days Per Entry.

To apply for a visa online, what information should I have ready?

You will need to have the following ready to apply for an e-Visa:

  • Proof of Accommodation - A reservation receipt with a confirmation number or a letter from a friend or family member works to show you have a place to stay while in the country.
  • Applicant Photo - Please, have a passport photo ready to submit for your visa.
  • Passport Personal Details Scan - The bio page of your passport will need to be scanned and submitted with your application. It must have six months of validity remaining from the day you intend to arrive in Malawi.
  • Vaccination Certificate (if applicable) - Do you live in or have you recently been to a country that has a high risk of yellow fever? You will need to have a yellow fever vaccination certificate to enter Malawi.

Simple e-Visa Process for Malawi | Citizens of Liberia

At iVisa, we work hard to make travel simpler for citizens of Liberia. That’s why the application for an e-Visa is simple, secure, and straightforward.

We also know you may have additional questions about traveling to Malawi. Feel free to reach out to us by online chat or email. Good luck with your trip.

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