Malawi e-Visa for Citizens of The Kingdom of Bahrain

Malawi e-Visa for Citizens of The Kingdom of Bahrain

iVisa | Updated on Jan 22, 2020

Malawi is a country in the southeastern portion of Africa that is known for its distinct nature. Malawi is home to Lake Malawi, the third-largest lake in Africa. Lake Malawi was nicknamed by David Livingstone as the "Lake of Stars." Travelers from around the world come to Malawi to experience Lake Malawi and all that Malawi has to offer.


Travelers who are Bahraini will need to apply for an e-visa in order to gain access to the country of Malawi. iVisa makes it super easy by removing the need for you to interact with the embassy because we deal with them directly for you. You can begin your e-visa application here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Documents Will I Need to Submit with the Application?

Bahraini Citizens will need to submit the following documents with their e-visa application :

  • A recent photo of the applicant
  • A copy of the applicant's passport details page
  • Evidence of accommodation during your stay in Malawi

You will need to scan each document.

Do Children Require e-Visas for Malawi?

Yes, children do need e-visas when traveling to Malawi. When applying for a Malawi e-visa for a minor, you will need to scan the following documents before submitting it for review:

  • A recent photo
  • A copy of the passport details page
  • Evidence of accommodation during stay in Malawi
  • Their birth certificate
  • Their legal guardian's passport page
  • A consent letter

When Should I Submit My Application for the Malawi e-Visa?

5 days before your expected trip to Malawi is the latest you should apply for your e-visa.

How Much Does a Malawi e-Visa Cost for Citizens of The Kingdom of Bahrain?

iVisa lets you choose the price. We currently offer three different price points for the Malawi e-visa: standard, rush, and super rush.

  • Standard Processing Price: USD 77.00
  • Rush Processing Price: USD 102.00
  • Super Rush Processing Price: USD 127.00

What Is the Processing Time for a Malawian e-Visa?

Citizens of The Kingdom of Bahrain are able to choose from the following speeds for processing their application.

  • Standard Processing: 8 days
  • Rush Processing: 7 days
  • Super Rush Processing: 5 days

What Is the Multiple Entry Policy for the e-Visa?

A Single Entry is given with the Malawian e-visa.

How Long is My e-Visa Valid For?

Your Malawi e-visa expires 90 days after issued.

What is the Max Stay for Bahraini Citizens with a Malawian e-Visa?

Citizens of the Kingdom of Bahrain are allowed a stay of up to 30 days Per Entry.

Do I need to Bring My Passport with Me to Malawi?

Yes, you must have your passport. Your passport needs to retain validity for at least six months after your arrival in Malawi. Additionally, the passport you bring with you must contain the same information as your e-visa. If the information is not consistent on both documents, you might be denied entry. Conflicting information on e-visas will result in your e-visa being invalid and will require that you complete a new application before being allowed to enter.

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