Malawi e-Visa for Citizens of Ukraine

Malawi e-Visa for Citizens of Ukraine

iVisa | Updated on Feb 04, 2020

The Malawi Department of Immigration and Citizenship initiated an online visa program since November 2019. Citizens from over 200 countries, including Ukraine, have access to the Malawi e-Visa process. The e-Visa allows the use of any smart device to apply for, and also use, the approved e-Visa to enter and travel in Malawi. After your application is approved, we will provide you with a digital version of your Malawi e-Visa, which can be accessed with any smart device in order to travel between borders when you visit Malawi on your upcoming holiday.


This is an exciting new way to obtain a travel visa from the nation of Malawi. Getting your e-Visa for Malawi is a secure, legal, and easy process that will get you a visa for your Malawi vacation quickly and with ease.

Questions & Answers | The Malawi e-Visa

How is the e-Visa different from a paper visa?

The Malawi e-Visa allows you to enter Malawi legally. The e-Visa is electronically linked to your personal passport. Your travel information, a QR code that is easily scannable by customs officials and links to your legal travel visa, and a bar code for security purposes are available on your smart device screen.

It is advisable to carry a printout of your visa, in case you have any minor problems with your smart device that might interfere with access to your e-Visa, such as a dead battery. If you want to see an example of what the e-Visa looks like, click on the link below:

Malawi e-Visa Sample Picture

How long will it take for me to get a Malawi e-Visa?

The processing time, and the cost of your e-Visa, depends on which speed you select:

  • Standard Processing takes about 8 days to approve your application.
  • Rush Processing takes about 7 days to approve your visa application.
  • Super Rush Processing takes about 5 days to approve the online application form for your Malawi e-Visa.

What will the e-Visa cost me?

The total cost of applying for a visa online is based on your processing speed selection, depending on how fast you need to obtain a visa:

  • Standard: With Standard Processing and your visa cost, the total is USD 77.00.
  • Rush: With Rush Processing and your visa cost, the total is USD 102.00.
  • Super Rush: With Super Rush Processing and your visa cost, the total is USD 127.00.

How many entries am I allowed into Malawi as an e-Visa holder?

The e-Visa for Malawi is a Single Entry visa.

When will my e-Visa no longer be valid?

As a citizen of Ukraine, you will have 90 days after issued to use your visa before it expires.

How long can I stay in Malawi with my e-Visa?

Every visa has a limit on how long you can stay in a foreign country. When traveling abroad anywhere, always make sure to plan your trip accordingly so you leave your host country before the last day that your visa is valid.

The maximum stay in Malawi with this specific visa is 30 days Per Entry.

What information do I need to gather to apply for an e-Visa to visit Malawi?

Gather the following items to apply for an e-Visa:

  • Applicant Photo - A standard passport photo, taken recently, is needed to apply. If you are unsure how to get a passport photo, please consult your country’s guidelines for a passport photo. There are many online vendors who can assist you in obtaining an appropriate picture for this purpose.
  • Passport Personal Details Scan - The bio page of your passport will be scanned for use in the application process. Please make sure that your passport is valid from six months after the first day of your planned visit to Malawi.
  • Proof of Accommodation - A copy of your hotel itinerary, including your name and the dates of your stay in Malawi, is needed to apply for your visa. If you are not staying at a hotel, you need to get a letter written by your host or host organization that details the nature of your visit and the dates and address(es) of your visit with the host(s).
  • Vaccination Certificate for yellow fever (if applicable) - If you have been in a country that you may have been exposed to yellow fever in, you need to provide documentation of your immunization for yellow fever. If you don’t have documentation of your vaccine records, please contact your clinician, the clinic, or the hospital that you received a yellow fever vaccination at for further information. Even though a booster is not necessary to remain safe from yellow fever if you have been previously vaccinated (the yellow fever vaccination is effective for a lifetime), if you are unable to obtain your previous vaccination records, you may need to be re-vaccinated prior to your application for a visa to enter Malawi.

What are some other useful things I might need to know when I travel to Malawi?

When you enter Malawi, you will need at least one blank page in your passport to allow for the entry stamp. If you have any foreign currency, you must declare it when you enter into Malawi. Diplomats and government officials are exempt from paying the standard fee for a visa to visit Malawi.

If you need to report an emergency while in Malawi, dial 199 or 997 to reach the local police. Visitors to Malawi are subject to local laws. Some airlines have required travelers to have Malawian visas before boarding connecting flights in European or other African airports.

The official language of Malawi is English. Credit cards are not commonly accepted outside of major cities, but some establishments accept major credit cards and international ATM cards.

Dress codes prohibiting short skirts on women and long hair on men no longer exist in Malawi, however, Malawi is a conservative society, and it is advised to choose modest attire, especially when visiting remote areas of the countryside.

Simple e-Visa Process for Malawi | Citizens of Ukraine

If you want to visit the beautiful Malawi, you don't need to go to the embassy or consulate to get a visa. Alternatively, filling an online e-Visa application has never been simpler. We've designed it to easily work on your desktop, tablet, or smartphone, making international travel smoother, less stressful, and less intimidating. The e-Visa will always be at your fingertips, as long as you have your smartphone available during your trek to Malawi.

Any other questions or concerns that we have not addressed here? Please click on the chat bubble in the lower right corner of this page to talk to a representative who will answer any questions you may have regarding the e-Visa for Malawi. Operators are happy to attend to your needs, and are available 24/7.

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