Malawi Visa on Arrival

Malawi Visa on Arrival

iVisa | Updated on Jan 21, 2020

The country of Malawi is a country in southeastern Africa that has garnered a reputation for its people's benevolence and vibrant culture. More than 800,000 people from across the world visit this beautiful country every year.


Visiting Malawi is easy if you are from a country that is sanctioned for visa-free access but that only applies to 34 countries. If you are not from one of those countries, then you will need to apply for a visa. Fortunately, several types of visas are offered for travelers visiting the country of Malawi, two of which are visa on arrival and e-visa. Both visas have their benefits, but which is right for you? Keep reading to find out more about these visas and what they offer to travelers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is a Visa on Arrival?

A visa on arrival is a type of visa offered for entry to Malawi. This visa is obtained by completing an application, getting approved, then receiving your visa when you arrive at the port of entry into the country. Visas on arrival for Malawi are available to people from countries that are not granted visa-free access to Malawi.

What Is an e-Visa?

An e-visa is an official travel document that is obtained and displayed electronically. Your e-visa for Malawi can be used at port of entry and at the Lilongwe International Airport.

Why Should I Apply for an e-Visa Instead of a Visa on Arrival?

Unfortunately, there are inconsistencies in the information provided about visas on arrival for Malawi. There is no definitive list that states who is allowed to have a visa on arrival and who is not. However, it is known that visitors can use an e-visa instead of a visa on arrival. With the e-visa, you have access to more information about the application process and about the requirements for it. E-visas are also more convenient than visas on arrival because they speed up the process at the port of entry and they take away the need to carry multiple forms of identification with you.

When Will My Malawi e-Visa Expire?

If your application is approved, your Malawi e-visa will expire 90 days after issued.

What is the Max Stay Allowed for the Malawi e-Visa?

The max stay allowed for holders of a Malawi e-visa is 30 days Per Entry.

How Quickly Will My Application be Processed? How Much Does It Cost to Submit an Application?

Your e-visa application will be processed based on the processing speed you choose when you fill out the application. There are three processing speeds: standard, rush, and super rush. Each processing speed has a different price:

  • Standard Processing: Your application will be processed in 8 days and will cost USD 77.00.
  • Rush Processing: Your application will be processed in 7 days and will cost USD 102.00.
  • Super Rush Processing: Your application will be processed in 5 days and will cost USD 127.00.

Can I Use My Visa on Arrival to Enter the Country Multiple Times?

No. The e-visa for Malawi allows Single Entry to its country.

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