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Malawi is a country in Africa, and it is one of the friendliest places on the continent. Many people refer to it as the warm heart of Africa, and it is easy to see why. The people in Malawi do not have much, but they are as welcoming. As for the landscapes, Malawi is known to be diverse. The highest peaks reach 3000 meters, while the lowest points are just a few meters above sea level. But that is what makes Malawi so diverse. It also has plateaus, forests, highlands, mountains, and some of the most dramatic valleys you will ever see. Needless to say, it all looks gorgeous. If you are looking for some exciting activities, Lake Malawi is the perfect location. Getting to more serious business, before traveling to Malawi, you need to make sure that you have the proper documents. According to Malawi’s visa policy, everyone must obtain a visa before departure, except for the travelers who come from a visa-exempt country or the ones who are eligible for a visa on arrival. There are 33 states whose nationals can enter Malawi for up to 90 days, while the visa on arrival is available for everyone else, except the 53 nationalities mentioned in the visa policy. At the same time, the Malawian government is planning to implement the electronic visa system by the end of November 2018. If you want to find out whether you need a visa or not to enter Malawi, the best thing you could do is use iVisa’s Visa Checker. You can use the button from the top right corner to access it. Once you open it, you must select your country of origin in the left drag-down menu, and put Malawi in the right drag-down menu. The result will tell you whether or not you need a visa, and if you do, you will be provided with the correct information, including a list of the nearest embassies in case you want to get your visa before departure. iVisa cannot help you with the process of getting a visa on arrival, but we can give you some information. That is why our support service is at your disposal 24/7, and we do not charge for it. As for requirements, you have nothing to worry about. There is nothing out of the ordinary. All you must have is a valid passport that maintains its validity for at least another 6 months from arrival in Malawi. Of course, you need to pay a fee for the visa on arrival, but that is to be expected in any visa application process. The visa on arrival is valid for 30 days, but once you arrive in Malawi, you can extend it up to 90 days. Unfortunately, iVisa cannot do more for you at the moment except give you some information, but we hope you find it useful. If you have further questions, you should not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to answer your questions.