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How to do a Malaysia immigration ENTRI note check

How to do a Malaysia immigration ENTRI note check
iVisa | Updated on Aug 24, 2019

If you plan a trip to Malaysia and you are a Chinese or Indian citizen, then you probably already know that you can apply for a Malaysia ENTRI note online. It allows you to stay in Malaysia only for 15 days, but some people do not need more than that. Of course, you need to meet some other requirements other than eligibility, but if you apply with iVisa, you should have an easy time crossing everything off the checklist.

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When you apply online, the process is short and straightforward. You do not have to go anywhere, you can finish the application process in 20 minutes or less, and you can benefit from fantastic customer support that is available non-stop and free of charge. Also, it is possible to check the status of your application. iVisa gives you that possibility so that you can feel reassured about the application process moving forward.

If you want to do a Malaysia immigration ENTRI note check, all you have to do is follow some simple steps. What happens is that as soon as you make the payment in step two of the application form, an account on iVisa is generated for you. From that point on, you have the possibility of logging into that account and see everything that is happening with your application. You can check your Malaysia immigration ENTRI note status just by clicking on it.

It should not be difficult for you to perform the check. To make it easier for you, you will receive a confirmation email once the account is generated. Inside, you find a link that leads you to a page where you can change the password. Click on it, change the password if you want and you are done. Your iVisa account is ready for use.

What you should know is that it does not matter if you access the account or not. Your Malaysia ENTRI arrives regardless. The fact that you ignore the email and the account has no effect on the application process whatsoever.

Furthermore, you should know that you can find all your visas on your iVisa account if you use our services more than once. We store all your information so that the next time you want to apply for an electronic visa, all your data is there. That ensures an even shorter application process the next time you want to get a visa online. Of course, if you change your passport, we require a scan of the new one.

At iVisa, it is our job to make a visa application process as easy as possible for you: the Malaysia ENTRI is no exception. You will spend very little time on your application. Not only we can send you the ENTRI in as little as 4 hours, but you can perform a Malaysia immigration ENTRI note check whenever you want after you submit your application.

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