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Malaysia ENTRI visa fees and cost

Malaysia ENTRI visa fees and cost
iVisa | Updated on Jan 29, 2019

Are you planning a trip to Malaysia? You may be eligible for a Malaysia ENTRI. It is a document for which only Chinese and Indian citizens can apply for stays that do not exceed 15 days, but if that is the case for you, you are in luck. The document can be obtained online and iVisa can help you get it. Just keep in mind that Chinese citizens do not include Hong Kong SAR and Macau SAR nationals.

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The Malaysia ENTRI application process is entirely online and you should not spend more than 20 minutes filling in the application form. Provided that you already have everything you need for a successful application process, of course. However, many people who want to apply for the e-visa wish to know about the Malaysia ENTRI visa fees and overall cost. That is what we are going to make clear for you.

What you need to know is that the Malaysia ENTRI visa fees and cost depend on a single factor, and that is the processing time option you choose when you fill in the application. Here at iVisa, we know that people have different needs, and we try to satisfy all of them as best as we can. As a result, we created three processing time options so that you can select the one that best suits your needs at the moment of your application. They are as follows:

  • Standard processing time – if you have plenty of time at your disposal, there is no point in going for the fastest and most expensive option. Instead, you can select this option and pay as little money on your Malaysia ENTRI as possible. You will be charged only $56.50, and your document will be in your e-mail inbox within 24 hours.

  • Rush processing time – in case you want to cut the standard time in half, you can choose this option. It takes only 12 hours for your application to be processed. Of course, the price goes a little higher. You need to pay $86.50 if you select this option.

  • Super Rush processing time – whenever people are in a hurry, they go for the fastest processing time. If you choose this option, you Malaysia ENTRI visa application form will be processed within just 4 hours. As you can probably imagine, the cost goes a little higher as well. You will be charged $106.50 for the urgency.

Regardless of what options you choose, keep in mind that you must apply for your Malaysia ENTRI at least 48 hours before your date of departure.

As for when you need to cover the Malaysia ENTRI visa fees and cost, you will be asked to insert your payment details during the second step of the application process. That should take very little time, depending on the method you use.

Speaking of means of payment, iVisa accepts multiple. You are not bound to credit or debit cards only. Of course, you can choose to use a card, but you can also make the payment using PayPal, Alipay, or WeChat. iVisa encourages you to use the method that is most convenient for you at the moment of your application.

Whether you find the Malaysia ENTRI visa fees and cost affordable or not, it is entirely up to you. However, given the fact that your effort is minimal in the application process, we think that the service is worth its every penny.

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