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Malaysia ENTRI visa photo requirements

Malaysia ENTRI visa photo requirements
iVisa | Updated on Aug 23, 2019

As an Indian or Chinese citizen, you have the option to apply for a Malaysia ENTRI if you are planning a trip to Malaysia and want to stay there for 15 days or less. One of the requirements for a successful application process consists of a passport-sized photo. However, there is a series of rules that the photo needs to follow. You would be surprised how many people have their application denied because of an improper photo.

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One of the first Malaysia ENTRI visa photo requirements regards the size. The rules state that you need a passport-sized picture. If you go to a photo studio or a drugstore, the person taking the photo will know precisely how big the photo needs to be. After all, we are talking about standard passport photo size.

Another requirement that your photo needs to be as recent as possible. Some countries even ask that it should be taken in the last 3 months. However, when it comes to Malaysia, the picture is considered valid if it is captured sometime in the last 6 months. Nevertheless, if you had significant changes to your appearance, we recommend that you have a new set of photos taken. You do not want to have your application denies for something as trivial as a hair color change.

Your photo should always be taken against a white background. It is a well-known fact that white provides the best contrast so that all your facial features are distinguishable. Professionals already know this, so when you get your pictures, you will be placed against a white wall or sheet, depending on the situation.

When you have your picture taken, you are not allowed to wear anything on your head such as a hat or scarf. However, there are exceptions from this rule. If your religion does not permit you to have your head uncovered, you can keep your scarf during the photo session. Nevertheless, you face needs to be as visible as possible. As a result, your scarf should leave your face uncovered from the tip of your chin to the top of your forehead. That is how far as this rule goes.

Glasses are also forbidden when you have your photo taken. We all know that glasses can form glare and that can make some of your facial features not visible enough. It is best if you take them off since you do not need the glasses anyway. After all, the photographer needs to be the one that sees well, not you.

Facial expressions are to be avoided for your visa photo. You cannot smile, squint, frown, or anything else. Your facial expression should be neutral. That ensures better visibility of your facial features.

When your picture is taken, you need to look straight at the camera. The photo cannot depict you from an angle as it may hide some of your facial features.

As you can see, the Malaysia ENTRI visa photo requirements are nothing out of the ordinary. However, you should not underestimate them and make sure that your picture follows all the rules. Otherwise, you can end up with a denied application.

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