Visa types for Malaysia

Visa types for Malaysia

iVisa | Updated on Jun 16, 2022

Traveling to Malaysia has become easier with the Malaysia Tourist Visa. This official travel document provides access to Malaysia for tourism. The visa types for Malaysia are two, one for a single entry and another for multiple entries. According to your nationality and plans, you may choose the one that fits best. is ready to help you with your travel requirement. We have displayed all the details about the electronic visa. Make sure to have an internet connection, and the rest leave it to us. Check out more about the visa types for Malaysia in our FAQs. Travel now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the COVID-19 protocols in Malaysia?

There is no need to have a COVID-19 vaccine proof to travel to Malaysia. However, it helps avoid the testing and quarantine requirements.

Travelers without the vaccine must take a PCR test a maximum of 2 days before the trip. Upon arrival, they must take a RAT test within 24 hours. Also, they need to go through a 5-day quarantine period-

Go to our FAQ section for the latest details about COVID-19 in Malaysia. We can also provide more information about the visa types for Malaysia.

What is the Malaysia Tourist Visa and how can I apply?

The Malaysia Tourist Visa is an obligatory document for all travelers entering Malaysia. Check these three steps to acquire it:

  • First: Respond to the questions in the online form.
  • Second: Double-check your information and confirm everything is accurate. Select a processing speed.
  • Third: Pay with a credit or debit card and submit your application.

The Malaysia Tourist Visa will be in your email inbox soon. It has a maximum validity of 90 days after issued and provides a 30 days Per Entry stay in Malaysia. It permits a Single Entry, except for Indian nationals. They can have a multiple-entry benefit.

Continue learning about the visa types for Malaysia.

What are the processing times and costs?

  • Standard Processing Time: 6 Business Days - USD 83.99.
  • Rush Processing Time: 4 Business Days - USD 133.99
  • Super Rush Processing Time: 2 Business Days - USD 165.99

What items do I need to start?

  • Valid passport: Make sure your passport has a minimum validity of 6 months. We must have a copy of the main page.
  • Passport-size photo: it must be recent.
  • Travel details
  • Return flight ticket
  • Hotel reservation
  • A cover letter in case you stay with a relative or friend. The document must display your friend or relative's name and passport number, address, scanned ID, and travel dates.
  • Email address: Expect your document electronically.
  • Payment method: Decide between a credit or debit card.

Check out more about the visa types for Malaysia with our team.

Can I trust

Of course! We have helped countless travelers with their travel needs. We know how to manage the visa types for Malaysia.

Head to our customer reviews page and confirm we have the best procedures in the market.

Where can I find more details?

Reach out to our customer support team, available 24 hours a day. We can solve your doubts about the visa types for Malaysia. has all the tools to help you. Recommends

Visit Mount Kinabalu, the tallest mountain in Malaysia that rises 4,000 meters high. This magnificent site is located inside Kinabalu Park, which protects a mixture of ecosystems such as alpine meadows, grasslands, and shrublands. For this reason, you can find an array of plant and animal species, like the threatened orangutans. Most climbers arriving in Malaysia have a plan to climb Mount Kinabalu. However, only 185 climbers are allowed daily. Also, you must book your hotel and hire a mountain guide in advance to be eligible for the permit.

The Perhentian Islands are another destination you shouldn't miss. It was a stopping point for traders when traveling throughout Southeast Asia. These islands are part of a marine park and have stood out as a major tourist attraction. Take a ferry or small boat to reach the islands. The largest islands offer hotels, shops, and entertainment services. Pulau Perhentian Besar has a backpaging feeling, while Pulau Perhentian Kecil is a family-oriented destination. Follow the island walking trails to visit every beach, or take a water taxi for faster arrival. Also, you can take treks through the jungle paths and have the most stunning views of Malaysian nature. Another option is to go scuba diving, snorkeling, and kayaking.

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