Mauritius Visa Policy

Mauritius Visa Policy

iVisa | Updated on Sep 17, 2021

Visa Policy for Mauritius

Formed somewhat 10 million years ago by a volcanic eruption, the Island of Mauritius flaunts impeccable beauty which has increasingly attracted international tourists over the years. This has led the Mauritian authorities to formulate the Mauritius visa policy very creatively.

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A visa is an official document/ letter/ stamp issued by the Immigration Office/Embassy/Consular of Mauritius, that acknowledges the fact that your application to enter Mauritius has been reviewed by an Immigration Officer and you have been deemed eligible to enter or transit in Mauritius for a specific purpose. Mauritius embassies and Consulates spread across the globe issue a wide range of visas for foreign nationals and a holder of a visa is allowed to visit the country on conditions determined under the Mauritius visa policy.

Mauritius offers several different types of visas allowing foreign nationals to enter the country. A tourist visa is available to foreigners who want to visit for leisure purposes. Visa on arrival or eVisa is also available for the same. A business visa is available for those who want to visit Mauritius for business purposes and a transit visa is available for connecting flights. An applicant can choose from these short-term visa options according to the purpose of travel. Any tourist who wishes to stay longer than 3 months in Mauritius must also apply for a long-term visa at an embassy.

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However, the Mauritius visa policy is very liberal. Holders of passports issued by 115 countries or territories have been exempted from visas for a stay of 90 days. These include Australia, Argentina, France, Germany, and India among others. Only citizens of the following 16 countries and territories require a visa in order to enter Mauritius.

The sections below contain a detailed guide to Mauritius visa policy with regards to tourist travels and short-term stays in the country.

Tourist Visa Policy for Mauritius

Tourism is integral to the ever-growing economy of Mauritius, hence Mauritius visa policy is extremely tourist-friendly. Travelers can opt for a Tourist Visa which is granted for a shorter period of time for the purposes of tourism, sightseeing, or visiting relatives and friends. This is a single entry visa that allows a stay up to 60 days and allows no business activities. It can be obtained within a week and extended if desired. Learn more about Mauritius tourist visa or Apply

A Visa on arrival or an eVisa is also available for tourism purposes. It is an easy way to enter the country as it can be applied online. Travelers who do not meet the requirements for an online visa have the option of scheduling an interview at an embassy, where they are then allowed to make their case for a Mauritius tourist embassy visa.

For connecting flights, travelers can get a transit visa too. However, citizens of over 9 countries can travel without a transit visa, and citizens of over 115 countries are visa-exempt. Which of the many options travelers are eligible for depends on their nationality.

For more details regarding Mauritius tourist visas, see below.

Mauritius Visa on Arrival

"On arrival Visa" is a document that allows tourists to travel to Mauritius without the visa, which is then obtained from the airport on arrival. It’s endorsed on the same day. This type of visa can be applied for online on various websites and it is completely free of charge on the actual government website. It is a Single Entry Visa and allows a stay up to 60 days from arrival which can be extended by getting in touch with the Department of Immigration, Government of Mauritius.

The Mauritius visa policy has extended this special treatment to nationals of 60 countries including India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Indonesia, Philippines, Jordan, and Lebanon.

For online application you will need:

  • Original Passport with at least 6 months validity and minimum 3 blank pages + all old passports if any
  • 2 Scanned recent color photographs.
  • Confirmed return or onward flight tickets
  • Accommodation proof (hotel reservation or invitation letter if visiting someone in Mauritius)
  • Invitation letter from host company (for business visa)
  • Sufficient financial funds to support your trip (while in Mauritania)

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Mauritius Transit Visa

As per Mauritius visa policy, travelers with connecting flights from Mauritius need to get a transit Mauritius visa. It is valid for between 1 and 3 days. To apply for such a visa, applicants should be in possession of flight tickets for their next destination and a valid passport of the country of residence. The rules may vary from nation to nation.

Transit without a visa is allowed to holders of confirmed onward tickets who will transit through Mauritius within 24 hours. Also, nationals of 9 countries are exempt.

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Other Visa Information for Mauritius

The Mauritius visa policy also allows a non-citizen to travel to the country for the purpose of establishing or conducting a business or investment, via Business Visa. It can be Single Entry or Multiple entry.

A Social Visa is available to non-citizens being sponsored by socio-cultural organizations and allows them to carry out social and religious activities. It must be applied for and obtained prior to travel and allows a maximum stay of 45 days.

Noncitizens traveling to Mauritius for medical treatment can be granted a Medical Visa on arrival, for a maximum period of six months. The treatment should be provided in private health care institutions which are duly registered with the Ministry of Health and Quality of Life under the Private Health Institutions Act.

The Mauritius visa policy also attracts international students wanting to pursue an education in the country. A Student Visa enables students to live in Mauritius for the duration of their chosen study course, while working part-time to support tuition fees.

Moreover, the Government of Mauritius has recently launched the Premium Travel Visa in October of 2020 to retaliate against damages caused to the Mauritian tourist trade due to COVID-19. Anyone who can show they have the financial resources to support themselves to live in Mauritius can obtain this visa but they will not be allowed to accept a job in the Mauritian economy.

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