Day of the Dead Mexico dates: When should I visit?

Day of the Dead Mexico dates: When should I visit?

iVisa | Updated on Feb 04, 2022

Traveling to Mexico during the Day of the Dead is one of the most fulfilling experiences you will ever have. This traditional Mexican holiday happens every year on November 2nd. Mexicans believe the souls of their dead relatives come back to visit their family members. For this reason, they visit graveyards and set up altars with food, drinks, and photos.

Remember that Day of the Dead is held on November 2nd. However, you can visit Mexico on October 31st to celebrate All Hallows Eve and November 1st, the Day of the Children and All Saints. During the celebrations, don’t miss La Catrina, a character looking like a female skeleton with colorful make-up and a hat with feathers. She protects the dead and guides them through the last stages of their journey.

Luckily, you have the team on your side to help you with the Day of the Dead Mexico dates. Depending on your nationality, you may need the Tourist Card Air for a smooth entry to Mexico. Also, don’t forget the eMed self-testing COVID-19 kit for your return trip to the US.

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What you need to know about Day of the Dead

What is Day of the Dead?

As the name says, Day of the Dead is a specific day in Mexico when locals celebrate their deceased family members. For over 3,000 years, ancient indigenous people in Mexico have been making rituals to pay tribute to their ancestors. For this reason, the Day of the Dead is a relevant celebration in the Mexican calendar. The festivity happens on November 2nd. However, you can start the celebration on Halloween on October 31st and the Day of All Saints on November 1st.

During the festivity, graveyards are full of people decorating their dead’s graves with toys for children and alcohol for adults. These gifts are called offerings which usually include marigolds. These flowers attract souls and guide them to the homes of their family members.

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What are the dates for Day of the Dead?

In 2022, the Day of the Dead are held on Wednesday, November 2nd. Still, we recommend visiting Mexico before so you can enjoy Halloween on October 31st and All Saints Day on November 1st.

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Traveling to Mexico for Day of the Dead

Mexican authorities request the Tourist card - Air before entering Mexico. Although most people believe this document is a visa, it’s only a travel authorization.

American travelers must be aware that they need a negative COVID-19 test when returning to the United States. In this case, eMed self-testing COVID-19 kit is the ideal solution for this matter, and it’s available online with

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Tourist Card - Air?

The Tourist Card - Air is a travel document that most international visitors need before traveling to Mexico. It’s available for any traveler who visits Mexico for tourism. The travel document is valid for 180 days in Total and a Single Entry.

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What are the current COVID restrictions in Mexico?

There is no need to take a PCR test before your trip or do a quarantine period in Mexico upon arrival. Also, vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers are allowed into Mexico. Still, make sure to follow the local health protocols to keep you safe.

As COVID continues to be present in most countries, these health guidelines may change at any moment. Therefore, explore the Tourist Card - Air product page for the latest news about traveling to Mexico during the pandemic.

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What are the costs and processing times?

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Yes! We have the right expertise to help you with the Tourist Card - Air. Explore the reviews from our previous customers and confirm we can help you all the way. It’s time to check more about the Day of the Dead Mexico dates.

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Communicate with our incredible customer support agents team for any questions about the Day of the Dead Mexico dates. Make sure to book your flight for the exact date of the festivity. We can help you 24/7. Recommends

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